ASUS P5B Deluxe & Antec SONATA 2 - POST issues!

Hi all -

Ok heres the spec of my rig;


E6600 Core 2 Duo

NVidia 7600GT

2 xgb Corsair Matched pairs

500gb RAID SATA's Barracuda

ASUS P5b Deluxe Wfi Ap Mobo

XP Pro.

Now - it was running sweet as a dream for a couple of months, and then when I went turn the machine on last night, I got NOTHING. No POST, no fans going nothing - zip - nada - zilch. :(

There is a small ASUS insignia on the mobo to say if the PSU is getting powert to the mobo and this is blue meaning the psu is working.

I also swapped out the PSU for an older ANtec SmartBlue 350w PSU and had the same issue. :evil:

Can anyone help me please? All components AOK, have taken RAM out and tested individually and also same with drives and GFX....

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  1. Hmm...

    Obviously check all the connections, then try shorting it on with the power jumper. Just use a pen or graphite pencil.

    Check your capacitors, maybe something blew...
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