OC failure!!

Hi all. I have a setup exatly like this i.e. Abit MB+Gigabite water cool+Intel 6400+2G 800RAM, but I cannot OC the CPU higher than the preset -Turbo mode which is far from the setting tis article mentioned. I wonder what I did wrg.

Setting at Turbo mode are : Ext Clock 293/VCore 1.4/DDRV 1.9/MCH 1.5/ICHIO 1.6. I tried to push it slightly to Ext Clock 320 but the system shut down within seconds. (No temp or other warning whatsoever!!) The MB comes with a OC program called GURU and I did these with the program. I never try to do it at BIOS but I assume they are the same.

Can anyone tell me why? Tx in advance.
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  1. I use an AMD Abit board but I'd reckon that the uGuru software is pretty much the same ie crap, I found that turning it off by going into its settings and stopping it from starting with windows was the only way, then you should be able to OC from the BIOS without u Guru overriding your settings.
  2. I would recommend posting this in the OC forum, people there should be able to help more.
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