Prob with Catalyst 6.10 & x800XL AGP/Asrock 775-Dualvsta

Ran into problems when upgraded to catalyst 6.10 (from 6.8) All working fine before but after did this began to get more and more reboots and BSOD. Initially happening on high VGU use stuff like playing oblivion but then happening all the time making booting into XP almost impossible. Microsfoft crash analysis pointed to video driver issue and/or incompatible drivers

Once removed 6.10 in VGA mode and re-installed 6.8 no probs

Only other issue was around same time upgraded Bios to 2.10- but probs have been noted on FSB speeds (mines fell to 256 & processor clock slowed to 2.05) see Other posting on forum re- Is my AsRock ....

MY set up is

e6400 conroe
Asrock 775-Dualvsta
2x512Mb DDRII 553 Kingston
x800XL AGP VIVO (OEM-Sapphire I think)
DVI linked Philips 17BC5S TFT
WD 250Gb SATAII HDD in non raid

Anyone else had probs or any ideas?
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  1. I dont know if this is relevant but i had problems with 6.10 drivers too though i think it was because i made a mess of installing them. istead of uninstalling the old drivers(while i always do) i jusr installed 6.10 over what drivers i had and on reboot i had lots of problems till i uninstalled and reinstalled 6.10 again.

    However the only probs i had were in Company of Heros where i got lots of VPU recover errors and crashes. All seems fine now since the COH patch though.
  2. Next time after you uninstall your old drivers, try using a driver cleaner before installing the new ones to make sure they are COMPLETELY removed.

    EDIT: oops
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