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I've got a Motorola high definition DVR. I want to transfer my recorded programs to my PC. I want to keep the quality as high as possible. I don't have a video card with VIVO and I don't have a firewire port. As far as I know my two options are to buy a VIVO card or to buy a firewire card. Which of these will give me the best results? I'm sure there are others out there doing this, please let me know about your experiences.
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  1. if u are just worried about quality and not space then i would reccomend a vivo card.
    im not exactly sure how the firewire card would work... im assuming the dvr has a firewier out?
    either would work but i would guess that the software u would get from a firewire card or the software that u would use with it would be inferiour to ATI's tv tuner cards which enable you ro record at extremly high quality...
    think its possible just to take your HD out aswell.....
    but this isnt really the place for this kinda stuff do a search on good find a DVR forum :-D
  2. I've got both options with my old Asus G4 Ti4400 with ViVo and a 1394 firewire with Ulead software.

    I find the 1394 firewire option to be more user friendly, it gives you the option of ripping the DV recording with and without compression. With no compression, the quality is fantastic but the file gets pretty big thats all. I use Ulead to record things off my DV but through 1394 firewire, you can use other softwares and they all should pick up 1394 connections.

    The ViVo option I've tried a few times, I dont really like the interface and the software Asus provides with it for video input recording. Cant blame them, after all, they dont specialize in the digital video recording business.
    I tend to use the ViVo card now to watch TV on my PC through a VCR.

    The common downside to both these options are, recording from a DV, all recordings are done in real time, which means you have to sit through the whole video if you want to capture it all.

    One vote to 1394 firewire option.
  3. Thanks, for the opinions guys. I ordered a firewire card a couple of days ago. I figured I would try that route first since it only cost about $12 shipped :) I hope I can get the thing to work. I have read on another forum that some DVRs are programmed to disable transferring programs to another device.
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