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Hello all.Iam haveing a serious problem and need some big time help if someone would take the time.First here is my system.
System Spec's
CPU-AMD Athlon-1.3GHz
BIOS-Phoenix Tech-02/21/01
384-meg pc 133
Hercules Prophet II-GTS Pro-64 meg- Det beta 11.01 drivers
Aureal Vortex 8830 sound card
NEC MuliSync 19in monitor
Saitek controls-USB
Everything has the latest up to date drivers that I can find.
Ok heres the problem.In playing CFS2 it starts out at between 70 and 100 frame rates and as the action builds goes down to 10-8FR.
Iam useing NVMax to set all the viedo card settings.
Is there a better program to do this with?I also need someone to tell me the best settings to use.
There is a serious problem here and I have no idea what it is.Does anyone have any ideas?
Any help will be greatly appericated.Thank you....:)
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  1. Is it just that game that is slow? or do you get the same problem with similar types of games? If it's just that game contact to developers, visit their site, read the faq, readme etc. If not run the game without tweaking the card, Win installation etc. and contact the makers of the card for support. Most of the time is just a simple thing the game/card configuration needs and should be sorted easily by the apropriete party since the chances are good that there's other ppl with the same setup problem as you and maybe it's been noticed by the party involved.
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