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Sony or Dell Laptop's

Last response: in Mobile Computing
April 2, 2002 1:59:14 PM

What is a better choice product, sony laptops or dell laptops' ?

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April 3, 2002 8:25:24 AM

I find all Sony products to be overpriced, over advertised pieces of $hit.
Sony is a Status Trademark for the wealthy.

Dell makes good laptop computers. However some of the older models had batteries that would overheat and start a fire.
About the only thing I don't like about them is the plastic chasis.
Also the integrated audio sucks and the power adapter plug is not mounted very well. And if you push down on the lid to hard the keyboard keys can touch the soft cover of TFT display and scratch it. And on models with 15" displays the frame supporting the TFT display can be easily broken if too much force is applied when closing. That usually occurs on models with stiff lid hinges. And the latch mechanism is too cheap.
But they have good warranties.

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April 11, 2002 4:15:13 PM

I own a Sony Viao FXA-36 and I gt it for like $1400. It absolutely rocks. They don't make that model any more, but they do have the FXa-47 which is exactly the same with a 14" display and a longer battery life for the same price. It has the AMD Athlon 4 1.0 GHZ. It is speedy and not too heavy or thick and it runs very reliably and the performance is excellent.
Plus it has a DVD/ CDRW that is the bomb.
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April 11, 2002 8:44:05 PM

I've been struggling between the choice of the Sony VAIO GRX316SP and the Dell Inspiron 8200

They both have similar features:
P4-M 1.6(1.7)GHz
20/30/40 (60)GB HDDs etc.

But the VAIO has got 16" (!!) monitor (1600*1200) powered by an ATi Mobility Radeon 7500 32MB

The Inspiron has only got a 15" (1600*1200) but is powered by a GeForce 4 GO 64MB

when you configure the 2 similarly:
P4-M 1.6GHz
8x CD-R/RW + 8x DVD (Sony = combo, dell = modular or combo)
2nd battery (both up to about 5 - 5.5hrs)
ethernet + modem
WinXP home
1 year warranty

Total price $2499 (Sony) $2505 (Dell)

I would still prob go for the dell (experience and quality + its proven)

sorry for taking so much space (",)

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April 11, 2002 9:03:03 PM

I was a huge Sony fan for years. They have been huge innovators and have come up with a lot of things before anyone else <b>BUT</b> lately they SUCK! I'm with you all the way. Sony is all about style and image and their stuff sucks. Their laptops might still be ok but the last 2 Sony products I bought totally turned me away from Sony. They really had to go far out of their way to piss me off cause I was 100% for Sony and bought their stuff without even looking at the other brands. When I started having trouble with the Sony stuff I complained at work and that is when the guys I work with showed me how much better some of the other brands are. I hate my Sony reciever and my Sony phone. I realize that laptops are a seperate issue but since you asked Sony can lick my balls. I will NEVER buy Sony again.

BTW Firestone pissed my Dad off years ago and he swore he would never buy Firestone tires. Funny that the same company had the same problem AGAIN in my generation.

I think companies that are big OEM suppliers in the b to b world tend to care less about individual customers. Why worry about one dinky little customer when you are taking orders for millions of your widgets from another business. I'll tell you why cause eventually joe consumer is gonna tell you to ram your widgets where the sun don't shine.

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April 16, 2002 3:23:42 AM

Who let the trolls out, who, who, who! I find Sony Laptops to be a good product. If you are looking for standard components like screen, processor, bios, memory, video, keyboard, hard drive, pointing device, networking, sound, etc... They are above average (and dell) for the quality and combinations of offered systems. Most major laptop manufacturers do not offer good selection and customization of the standard components listed, Sony is no exception, yet it seems to come the closest. Such as including larger screen size with non-Intel processors (self named performance PC’s), as well as high volume HD’s, and memory. Sony does not yet offer the top end components with the arguably equal if not superior (recently) AMD Processors, yet it does offer high-end components while Dell does not even offer AMD Processors. Dell claims not to have an under the table agreement with Intel. This would be much like a car dealership that only sells Porsche yet claims to deal in all sports cars, you ask for a Ferrari and are told it is not defined as a sports car, how about a Lamborghini? No! Only Porsche, do they pay all your advertising costs or something?

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