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Dual boot Win7 and Vista 64 ?'s

I have dual booted xp and vista before without a problem, my question is can I dual boot Win7 and Vista 64?

If I do this, which one do I need to install first?

If I want one of them to boot as default, how do I do this? and if I want to change which ones boots as default, how do I change it?

Can you see a dual boot causing problems? (I have 5 HDDs that will be accessed by both)

If I wanted to remove Win7 but keep the Vista (I would do this when and if my Win7 expires) can I delete just the win7 and keep the vista? Or the other way around?

Thanks for the help!!
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    U can easily dual boot vista and win7. doesn't matter which u install first, but whichever u install second will be the default boot- this is easily changed with bcdedit command or the program easybcd.

    dual booting does not cause any problem for me and they share resources without a problem.

    if u wanted to remove one of the OS's afterwards, u might find it a problem.
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