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this is probably old news to you guys, but i loaded windows Office 2008 on my macbook. Internet explorer is linked to "entourage", microsoft's email program for mac (not a bad email program). However, Internet explorer program linked to Office 2008 is incredibly unstable in the mac environment. Making the process impossible is the fact that when i access microsoft for solutions i keep getting the above-referenced error message or a black page from some unidentifiable Microsoft page which essentially blocks me from accessing microsoft help including downloads, tech assistance etc. What the hell is going on? I would like to delink internet explorer from the rest of Office 2008 for mac so that i can use the Safari browser on the macbook which works without a problem. Or to be able to access Microsoft's page for mac users to download God Knows What solution. Any suggestions? Tx guys, as i said, i am sure that i am in the stone age relative to your activities. Peter :o
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  1. I don't know osx very well, but if there's a feature to repair or change your office installation, there's a good chance you can change your mind on internet explorer from there.
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