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Second Take: Making A Good Expansion Pack

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October 9, 2008 5:29:56 AM

In light of the surprisingly good Crysis Warhead, Ben and Rob discuss what makes a great expansion pack and some of their favorite titles.

Watch Video:

Read Crysis Warhead Review:

What are your favorite expansion packs or even particular elements of a expansion that have stood out for you?


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October 9, 2008 11:40:22 AM

hahaha that has to be one of the best outtakes that u guys have done (i guess its because thats one of the last things i expected). anyway, keep up the good work guys and have some good news for us at BlizzCon!
October 9, 2008 2:06:11 PM

Total Annihilation: Core Contingency was a great expansion pack - on par with Brood War I think. Battle Tactics was basically just new maps though:( 

I also have fond memories of C&C:Covert Ops, even though it was ridiculously hard and was only a few maps.
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October 9, 2008 5:29:55 PM

One thing I really appreciate in expansions is when they are standalone. I sell my games after I'm done with them, and when an expansion needs the original game, it just kind of puts me in a crappy position.
October 9, 2008 6:50:10 PM

Not really an expansion (though it was originally suppost to be), Homeworld Cataclysm blew my mind. The gameplay was awesome, the units awesomer, and the story was even awesomerer.

I loved taking a fleet of Multi-beam frigates, Destroyers and Dreadnoughts to the enemy beast AI (skirmishes, didn't play online way back then) and have most of my Ion Beam Frigates being turned on me, then activate the Dreadnought's repulsors.

An expansion that became a whole lot more.

The Battlefield 2 expansion, Special Forces was pretty good, zip lines and grappling hooks were fun. And ATVs.

The Half Life 2 episodes were pretty good too.
October 10, 2008 1:07:25 PM

What about Guild Wars. Great game, great expansions and FREE online play.
October 10, 2008 3:49:23 PM

Has to be the worst episode I have ever seen content wise. Fluff......But, hey I am looking forward to next week.
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