PC boot problem.... please help diagnose problem

Hi, just need someone to help diagnose my comp boot problem.

I have P4 2.6g, GIGMobo, Windows XP, with 1G RAM. 9800ATi card.

Was running fine until tonight when playing CS, the screen suddenly froze and nothing worked. Alt control nop response.

I switched the computer off through the reset button.

Comp would emit no beep at reboot, and just hang. Nothing on LCD screen as if blank. There is no CMOS boot messages.

The little red LED next to the green power LED on the pc case would stay fixed red...no blinking like it normally does.

There is nothing on LCD screen, no boot messages etc....
My USB hardware such as mouse and keyboard don't power on....
Inside the case, the cpu fans still spin, the vid card fans spin, i think hard drive still runs...can hear rattle....
Powe suppy still have fan spinning

I have checked the LCD screen, ok on another machine (laptop). Rechecked all plugs and cable. OK.
Changed to older vid card, no improvement, same problem.

Any idea what is wrong? Since my comp doesnt even get a chance to boot to CMOS, what should be the problem?

Is it MOboard?, Or ram? Or Power faillure?

Any advice appreciated.
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  1. Have you tired taking a peak inside your case and veifying all the companants work? Make sure that all the fans spin and check to see if there is an indicator light on the mobo. Something failed durring the load of your gaming. Could be anything but strat by testing out the ram in single installtions, reseat the CPU & video card. The swap out a new PSU.
  2. yah tried peeking inside and all the fans on mobo are spinning and the lights on the fans light up etc....

    If the pc doesn't even boot up to the screen, i wonder where the hitch might be.
  3. sounds like the mobo to me, if you can you should clear the real-time clock and reboot.....if problem persists the cmos is possibly corrupt or general mobo failure
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