frickin XFX - please help

so i get home thinkin i'll have a game of dark messiah and go to turn my pc on - it starts emitting strange beeping noises and wont boot

i checked what the beeps mean (1 long 2 short) and it says "faulty graphics adapter". removed cmos and reset the jumpers. same problem. remove and reseat card. same problem. remove card and try second pci-e slot. same problem.

ok so the card is oc'ed but my temps were always very acceptable (i check them all the time) and i've never experienced any instability or artifcating. i've had the card since august.

i've got in touch with my supplier and set in motion the RMA proceedures. anyone suggest anything i might not have tried? anyone had the same problems?
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  1. Sorry to hear about your problems. Have you tried another video card in this system or this video card in another system? I see that you stated you contacted your supplier and he started the RMA process, did he contact us? If you still have the video card please feel free to start a support ticket at our website and so we can get this resolved as soon as possible for you.

    XFX Support
  2. wow, thanks for getting in touch, thats great.

    unfortunatley i do not have another pci-e system available to try the card with. please explain your support ticket system?
  3. Please simply visit and under "Support" select "Help Desk". There just create a profile and start a support ticket. Feel free to post the support ticket number here and I can check up on it for you as well.

    XFX Support
  4. Cool, XFX support on the Forumz. Hopefully it isn't like that Steam guy that got pwned on MSN or AIM or whatever. That was hilarious.
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