Max temp for Socket A Athlon2700?

My 2700+ thoroughbred stock voltages/speed is running at 49C with Asus monitor and with MBM and everest the diode is 76C idle and 92 on sustained full load (2 hours). Am I risking blowing my processor up?
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  1. You need a further source of heat testing. It seems unlikely that your temperatures are that high with stock voltage. I am not sure that CPU can actually operate at 90 degrees.

    Have you checked that the fan is correctly seated and that the thermal paste has been applied correctly.

    You could also try undervolting your CPU.

    The acid test is to touch the heatsink (carefully) with the tip of your finger. If it burns then your CPU is about to fry. My guess is that it will be warm to the touch and thus the correct temps are being reported by Asus monitor.
  2. The heatsink doesnt burn my finger when i touch it, its just pretty warm. I'm betting the "case tem" reading by all other programs and the cpu temp with asus monitor at 47C idle 50C load is the temp im worried about.
  3. Agreed :)
  4. I'm on a 2500 Barton @2.16Ghz stock voltage. Running 35c idel 57c full load. I did however ditch the stock cooler for a basic Akasa model but I run the fan on that at a low RPM to keep the noise down.

    The AthlonXP is rated to a MAX operating temp of 90c so yes.. you are very close to frying your processor. As others have suggested I'd be checking the heat sink is seated correctly and also looking at cooling in the case in general.
  5. I have a 2800+ Sckt A which sits around 62c-66c and it's on 24/7, have you tried leaving the machine on for a bit to get the temps up to their 'normal' range then re-booting and going into BIOS to see what the mobos hardware monitor is reading?
  6. those things are naturally hot, don't worry about that temp, you get over 65+ then worry about it.
  7. My 2600+ Barton @ 2.3ghz 1.9volts idles at 38c and loads at 48c
  8. I reseated the heatsink, with new thermal paste, dropped temp 1C. After running the system at high load for a few hours (video transcoding), the bios read it was 60C, when all windows based monitors (MBM, everest, asus probe) say its 51C. I know these processors run insanely hot on stock voltage, im just getting cautious because the temperatures have been rising over the last few weeks. It used to idle at 42C, and now it idles at 46-47C.
  9. My Sempron 2200 with a 30-40% overclock idles below 30 and fully loads at 35±

    Thermal paste or faulty sensor sounds to blame here. As for the person who says that they 'naturally run hot' - mine is a 130nm socket A AMD CPU, and while not exactly the same spec is cut from the same cloth and runs cool as, so I really don't think that's a true statement.
  10. I'm absolutely sure that the thermal paste/heatsink installation isnt the problem. I've built dozens of computers and had them all run very cool. Does anyone have a reason to explain why the processor temperature has raised over the last few weeks without touching the insides of my computer?
  11. Well thermal paste can age, I guess. However I do think this is a faulty sensor. If you're sure of your abilities as a mounter of heatsinks and it really is cool to the touch then I'd rest happy that there's no problems.
  12. I'll find my temp probe and fix that to the heatsink to see what its runnin at. I wouldnt say the heatsink is hot, its just warm.

    Come to think of it, my power supply died a few months ago, and was sending out some crazy voltage spikes here and there. My ASUS pcprobe program said that the 12V would sometimes go up to 14, the Vcore was reading from 1.696 to 1.35-1.78V. After replacing with an OCZ 600W psu, the voltages have stabilized to less than 3% difference from required voltage.

    If all else fails, ill get some eggs and fry them up on the heatsink.
  13. yeah my 2800 clawhammer runs super hot too, around 126 too 131 f. under load but i haven't fired that one up in awhile so i might be off one or two degrees
  14. I had temps like that with my XP 2800+ when my HS was badly seated (shim upside-down). It seemed ok to the eye, but when I removed the HS I noticed that the themal paste wasn't evenly spreaded on it. Now it runs at ~40C Idle and ~50C full load. If you are getting something like 60-70C under load with stock fan you should be ok.
  15. Here I was freakin cause my 1st overclock on a Barton 3000+ was running around 52 C while running Prime95. Boy do I feel foolish. Backed it to stock from a 9 Mhz FSB OC. :oops:
  16. I don't know why but as a rule of thumb, I like to keep CPU temps below 50 C. It just seems like a nice round number.
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