help pls X1900XT / 7900GTO / 7900GT / 7950GT

Hey i want to change my X800XL 256mb card with a newer model.

I have found these 4 cards that are roughly the same price over here.

I'we more or less always had an ATI card, but a few friends pointed me in the 7900GT direction.

These are the specific cards i'we looked at.

Sapphire RADEON X1900 XT - 256mb 625mhz
MSI NX7900GTO-T2D512E - 512mb 650mhz
Inno3D GeForce 7900 GT - 256mb 450mhz
ASUS EN7950GT/HTDP - 512mb 550mhz

By just looking at the numbers i would think the 7900GTO is the best buy? followed by the 7950GT... or am i missing something?

Thanx in advance
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  1. Iwe actually just stumbled upon the XFX GeForce 7950 GT XXX which is 100% pasively cooled. Its a bit more expensive, but if i choose one of the others i would change the cooler with a zalman anyways.

    Unless someone has something bad to say about this card i think it might be the one :lol:
  2. Whatever you do, don't buy the 7900GT. All the other cards are significantly faster. In terms of pure speed, they're all pretty close to the point of being negligible. The X1900XT would be better for Oblivion while the others would be better for Doom 3/Quake've probably already heard this all before.

    I recommend the 7900GTO. If you get the 7900GTO and manage to get the memory clocked to 1600MHz, then you'd have gotten yourself a 7900GTX for almost half the price. The cooler on that thing is really good, too (and quiet), although an aftermarket cooler might help if you're overclocking.

    Unless you're pressed for space or quietness, I wouldn't get the passively-cooled 7950GT...limits overclocking.
  3. my 7900gt overclocked pretty well... 850/825(actual clock frequency) stable for a month now... eVga model.. no temp issues.. but thats probably because i have a godly case with great cooling. Got mine for 200.. with Hitman 4 or some ish.. just figured i'd throw a success story in there.
  4. Out of the cards listed there, I can say go with the X1900XT.

    However, I must stress the fact that DirectX cards are finally here. I normally don't say this, but wait if you can. DirectX cards will drop in price eventually.

    If you have to go with a card now, go with the X1900XT. Cleeve has a good list of video cards here:

    Best Video Cards for the Money
  5. I would recommend the 7900GTO over the 7950GT, unless your main game is Oblivion in which I would recommend the X1900XT.

    Also, if the X1900XT comes in at a lower price than the 7900GTO I would go with the X1900XT.

    Keep in mind that the 7900GTO has a great stock cooler (same as 7900GTX reference design, the badass looking one with the four heatpipes staring at you out of your case :P) while the X1900XT's reference cooler is a loud whining bastard from what I have heard. I assume HIS makes a better one, along with a Powercolor I saw that had an Arctic Cooling Accelero X2 factory installed.
  6. the X1900XT wins in most in not all benchmarks out of the cards you listed...note that a X1950XT 256mb is coming out and will perform even better widening the gap

    Also the GTOs are pretty much out of stock from what i know
  7. IMO you probably wouldnt see a difference between the two in terms of performance but i would say go 7900gto cos its cheaper, miles quieter and can reach 7900gtx speeds easily( which is competetor to x1900xtx). Unless you are into oblivion both cards will do you proud.
  8. I got my GTO for $250 when they were selling like hotcakes. It came with a GTX box from EVGA. I over clocked past GTX speeds.
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