Second Take: Games Needing Sequels

Sequels like Red Alert 3 and Far Cry 2 are the big blockbusters this season, but there is still good IP like Total Annihilation and Deus Ex in need of new releases. Ben and Rob give you their list.

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  1. Well, here's that one game developer. :P

    Seeing a new Total Annihilation would be really fun. One of those space RTS' I haven't seen before either (the name escapes me), I'll have to look around for it.

    On a different note, have you guys considered making a "Games that didn't need sequels" show? More than enough content there.
  2. KOTOR 3! I'm surprised that didn't make the list. I'd like to see another Krondor game too. Betrayal at Krondor and Return to Krondor were both good. I'd like to see ANY D&D game with the quality, depth, and scope of Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale or anything based off the Infinity engine. Neverwinter Nights 2 is good but it doesn't quite have that epic feel. And based on what I saw from the Dragon Age gameplay video, it looks really boring and generic.
  3. Dungeon Keeper and Interstate 76. Those are two that I'd definitely purchase- I might pick up sequels for Syndicate, Carmageddon, or Ubisoft's P.O.D. racing if they were done right, but they aren't in my definite list.
  4. I think X-COM UFO Defense needs an update. The original game was amazing. Yeah there were sequels but Terror From the Deep was kinda blah, and the neo-retro look of Apocalypse really turned a lot of people off from that title. There were also some gameplay issues with Apocalypse that made it hard to enjoy as well.

    I'd love to see someone pick up that property and give it a real overhaul. Maybe not necessarily a sequel but at least a redo of the original game.
  5. Chronotrigger and TA are my two most favorite games ever. I think they could both use sequels, but Supreme Commander is pretty darn close to TA2. I think a "TA2" would have the same exact game play at SupCom, maybe they'd just keep the top down play instead of all the fancy 3D graphics.

    There was actually a Chrono Resurrection project that ended back in 2004 (b/c of Square's request) that was attempting to update Chronotrigger (think FF 7/8 type graphics). While SupCom did a good job acting like a sequel to TA, there is really nothing that I have found that compares to Chronotrigger. The great story, characters, gameplay, and music have not been matched by any RPG I have played since. Hopefully someone at Square Enix watches your show!
  6. I know this says something about my age, but the first game that popped into mind when i saw this Second Take clip was ...Bioforge! ...You know ...Bioforge? 1995 Origin Games action-adventure? Sci-fi? Anyone? C'mon, in how many games did you get to hit a guy with his own limb? I'm not the only one that actually played it, am I? It was a good game, quite scary, and the ending practically begged for a sequel. So, please, he-who-owns-the-rights-of-Origin-Games-nowadays, think about it.
  7. The first game that comes to my mind is Giants: Citizen Kabuto. At the time the graphics were out of this world with lush visuals and truly alien looking exotic environments.

    The tongue and cheek humour fit the game perfectly and there were so many classic moments with the smarties. Between the Mekks, the Reapers and the Kabuto there was an interesting campaign with each race having interesting abilities (jump jets with the mekks were fun, so were all their whacky upgrades and superweapons, the reapers had lots of cool spells like the tornado and shrink, and the teleporting). The maps were big open terrain with lots of neat vehicles like the gyrocopter and the jet-ski.

    I think the most fun I had was the multiplayer which to this day I think was one of the most innovative, unique experiences in a game. Being able to build up walls on your base, get new buildings for more upgrades, etc... all in a third person type game was awesome. And seeing as the kabuto was its own team, it was always fun to play as you got to take on an entire player team just by doing the shockwave attacks on the ground and watching the terrain ripple (or simply eating them). I still don't know of a game that lets you play something that big in comparison to another player.

    I think the last thing Planet Moon Studios made was Armed and Dangerous.
  8. How could they not take Baldur's Gate 3? :( but I deffenatly agree on Free Space 3 but I would like a Contuinue in the story of Adrian Shephard from Opposing force from valve.

    I think they sould weave in him in half-life 2 Episode 3 im not shore but dont g-man lose control so to speak in ep2 ore is it ep1? it would be awsome if Adrian Shephard comes back, he was also put in a stasis if im not totaly misstaken.

    just my opinion and every one is entitled to there own :pt1cable:
  9. Good suggestions all around, thanks.

    KOTOR 3 and Baldur's Gate 3 were considerations, but in light of Dragon Age: Origins and The Old Republic MMO, we decided to leave those off the list.

    I gave serious consideration to Carmageddon and X-Com UFO Defense, however I have not played Giants of BioForge so I can't speak to those.
  10. Fear Effect 3, I think there was one atleast planned for PS2 at some point, but I guess that got canned. Or Parasite Eve 3. That would rock.

    A new Shatterhand game would be awesome as well.
  11. I refuse to acknowledge the Old Republic MMO as having anything to do with KOTOR. Even if it turns out being good, I don't see how it could move the stories of the first game along in any sort of satisfactory way. Baldur's Gate pretty much ended with Throne of Bhaal. I don't know what else they could tell in that story so I don't expect a Baldur's Gate 3. Maybe a Baldur's Gate quality game. I wasn't impressed with Dragon Age though, and while I like KOTOR and Neverwinter Nights 2, they seem to lack that certain level of detail that Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 had. Plus, I kind of miss the 2nd edition AD&D rules where classes had traditional roles and skills.

    I'd like to see Mechwarrior get a graphic overhaul. And I'd like to see a good flight simulator come out. I liked the F/A-18 Hornet series back in the day. And I'd pretty much like to see any 80s/90s RPG get remade. All of the Ultimas are good choices. SSI's Buck Rogers games were good and I'd like either remakes or sequels. Matrix Cubed in particular needs a sound overhaul at least. PC Speaker sound with VGA graphics... a strange mix.
  12. Undying was a good call. That is a great game.

    I know it wasn't a sequel per se, but I wanted to throw Total Annihilation: Kingdoms out there so the people who played it could throw up a little bit.

    Dungeon Keeper 3 would be awesome. Great suggestion. Interstate '76 did get a sequel with Interstate '82. Unfortunately it was garbage so we don't have to count it. I'd love to see that game come back as well. I'76 remains the only game where I not only joined a clan, I started one and ran tournaments.

    Giants is all around crazy, but good. I believe it's available at Good Old Games if you've never played it.

    I'd love to see more Syndicate which someone mentioned. And a Shadowrun game structured like Fallout 3 would be lovely.

    But... TIE Fighter 2 would just... it would probably end my life.
  13. OK, MECHWARRIOR 5. that was and still is one of my favorite games! man if they gave that game some crysis like graphics without the comp requirements. :D i would be in heaven! i hope who ever makes that game doesn't screw it up....
  14. Man what about Alien Vs. Predator 3!!! The first and second were great titles and were both very entertaining. In fact alien vs. predator 2 is still being played online! I have been waiting since 2001 for a third. Another great title that deserves a sequel would be Microsoft's Urban Assault. At the time it was an amazing game. It had both an RTS and first person shooter system that you can switch to at any time during game play. Oh oh a star wars rebel assault 3 would be nice too!
  15. pakardbell486dx2 said:
    Man what about Alien Vs. Predator 3!!! The first and second were great titles and were both very entertaining. In fact alien vs. predator 2 is still being played online! I have been waiting since 2001 for a third. Another great title that deserves a sequel would be Microsoft's Urban Assault. At the time it was an amazing game. It had both an RTS and first person shooter system that you can switch to at any time during game play. Oh oh a star wars rebel assault 3 would be nice too!

    Oh snap! How'd I forget that one? Good call, Pak. I love AvP 2.
  16. i still think mechwarrior needs revived and mechcommander too :D
  17. Blastcorp ftw.
  18. "Gimme" category:
    - Capitalism II
    - Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far
    - Gold Rush (had it on my black & white Mac)
    - Grand Prix Manager 2
    - Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 2
    - Jagged Alliance 2
    - Star Wars: Rebellion (Star Wars: Empire at War just doesn't cut it)
    - Reunion
    - Secret of Mana
    - Police Quest
    - Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
    - Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (adventure game)
    - Detroit (automaker management game by Impressions)
    - The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall (never played Oblivion and alikes to know if they're true sequels)
    - Day of Defeat (Day of Defeat: Source doesn't fit the competetive scene)
    - Double Dragon
    - California Games
    - Super Baseball Simulator 1.000
    - Couple of Dungeons & Dragons games (can't recall exact names)
    - The Sims :sarcastic:

    "Already mentioned" category:
    - Syndicate: Wars
    - X-Com: UFO Defence
    - Tie Fighter
    - Total Annihilation
    - Chrono Trigger
    - Carmaggeddon

    "Solved or to be solved" category:
    - Colonization
    - Diablo 2
    - Star Craft
    - Fallout 2

    Nice topic. Some ideas:
    - How older games left more room for imagination vs. how new games give a completely pre-made world. Relates to how games before were more easily enjoyable since players "saw what they wanted to see"
    - Increase in cost/difficulty to create games, relating to indie game developers, online distribution allowing such an alternative model, etc.
    - Development of game complexity, but lack of development on game I/O. Like Will Wright once mentioned, it is getting difficult to recieve more input from gamers, limiting how the games interact with their users (e.g. controllers). Maybe these experimental neural equipment (like from OCZ) and surrounding monitors (like from Alienware) will give some interesting results

    Whatever. As long as you guys make 2 episodes per week... :bounce:
  19. i almost forgot........Conker's Bad Fur Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Just listing two:

    Grim Fandango - would love to see a sequel done with illustrative rendering; ie. Team Fortress 2

    Syndicate - could really see this working with the Essence Engine or what's being used for Diablo III
  21. my list would be:
    No One lives Forever
    Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Force
    Crimson Sky
    Dungeon Keeper
    Dune (RTS)
    Max Payne
  22. another game that need to be revived - EARTHSIEGE... :) man that was a another great actually gonna go play it!....*now were is that game...its gotta be around here somewhere...*
  23. Very good list, especially Undying and Eternal Darkness.

    I would add Star Control, if you're looking for games with great writing. StarCon II still holds up well today. We won't discuss SCIII, as the change away from the original IP holders led to a serious quality deficit.

    Agree that TIE Fighter II would lead to many old gamers keeling over dead. Probably a good thing that LucasArts isn't looking into anything that awesome and perfect.

    To my mind, there is a real treasure trove of old IP in some of those old companies like Bullfrog (Dungeon Keeper, Syndicate, Populous), Looking Glass (Underworld, Terra Nova,, System Shock), Origin (Wing Commander, Ultima, Strike Commander). I've never been able to figure out why devs would spend years and millions on developing new unproven IP when there are such devoted fanbases pre-created.

    Just look at the fantastic reception that Bethesda has gotten for Fallout 3. I think they are over 500M in total revenues already (correct me if I'm wrong, folks who have active subscriptions to NPD). This is IP that was 10, count em, 10 years old, and it's selling like gangbusters. Take it, dust it off, put your A talent on it, and collect 500M. Pretty good deal.
  24. Warlords!

    And not that crap that Ubisoft released, of which the community had to patch.. again and again (Ubi games lol, same thing happened for Rainbow Six Vegas).
  25. Alpha Centaurii!
    Also I definitely back Mechwarrior, Mech Commander, Xcom, KOTOR, and Freelancer.

    I want sequels to all of those titles badly.
  26. MechWarrior Living Legends (Crysis total conversion mod) looks neat..

    Not a sequel but i'll take any Mechwarrior game at this point!

    Still in alpha though..

    Elemental combat:

    Pumas on patrol:
  27. my wish list for any good PC game developers,
    i think these titles are basically/technically dead.
    pleasee do something to revive these titles. they would all make a great hit (imho):

    -roller coaster tycoon
    -goblins (the funny puzzle games)
    -maniac mansion
    -and yes, the aforementioned mechwarrior
    -any big robot simulation would great with todays game engine (i forgot the game's title)
    -rampage for PC
    any good news about their developments??

  28. The game that definitely needs a sequel is: The Legacy of Kain series. Defiance finished as all the previous games in the series in a cliffhanger.
    Most people have never heard or played the whole series but for the ones who have, my god!!! Amazing vampires story, flawless voice acting, perfect music, incredible atmosphere. The only thing that the game never got completely right was the gameplay (more specifically the camera. after the first Soul Reaver it became a bit of a problem). It have everything, in my opinion to make a Hollywood movie. I consider the story in this game the greatest one I have ever seen in my life an even though I really believe that series like Metal Gear, KotOR, Mass Effect, Zelda OoT are fantastic games no other game have achieved, in my eyes, what the Legacy of Kain have done in storytelling. Best series ever. :sol: :sol:
  29. Yes, Legacy of Kain, I thought they will just keep publishing those, but I'm waiting for too long now, and still nothing, at least a rumor.

    Also in the episode I didn't see Duke Nukem (I mean does anyone believes that Forever is in the making) The last thing we saw was a trailer that was released a year back with a comment expect new things to be revealed soon, and we all know what soon means in the 3D Realms Dictionary.

    A new Monkey Island would be great, though I haven't played Vampire Story, maybe I should first play it to see if there's still a good dose of creativity left in Bill Tiller.

    Carmageddon should get a sequel but it should be like the first game when you run over real people, not some zombie crap.

    There are a lot of games on the list, but I'll cut it here. And I would only add that Square should make a Final Fantasy sequel for PC. Can't wait to play Last Remnant.
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