Greetings all, requesting a little help here. I was at an Electronics store today,
and I noticed that a large screen HDTV (32") had DVIO and VGA ports on the back! OK obviously Im a little behind on the times, but can you hook your PC right to a HDTV? Whats the difference between a Large HDTV and a Large LCD Monitor? thanks for your time m8's.
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  1. hi.
    u can use your tv set to houl up ypur pc.using tv as monitor.as long there is a connection in tv.vga or dvi connection.
    the differennce between lcd monitor and a Large HDTV is 1.their resolution.
    2. LCD Monitor are made for viewing from close distance less than 50cm,
    but can you imagine watching tv from that distance????
    as result tv sets have large number of brights,
    lcd monitor have >300.
    if bigger that that it suits better to tv.
    you can check also by your self the resolution of tv and compare to lcd monitors.
    the 20'' lcd monitor has a resolution of 1600x1200,which is capable of displaying hdtv singals.
  2. Generally, you can connect your pc to any LCD panel via DVI, VGA, or HMDI connections. DVI and HDMI are digital, so that there is no need for converting digital to analog, or analog to digital as with a VGA conneciton. Furthermore, you can use an HDMI to DVI adapter or a HDMI to DVI cable to connect a pc to a LCD panel with an HDMI connection.

    The difference between a large LCD monitor and a large LCD HDTV is that the HDTV has a digital tuner inside, which means that, when you attach an antenna to the panel, you can pickup over-the-air locally broadcast HD televions programs. A LCD panel without a tuner is a plain old LCD monitor.

    What's the difference in picture sharpness between LCD monitors and LCD HDTV's of the same size and resolution? Nothing much. For instance, a 30" widescreen LCD monitor at a 1366 x 768 resolution has the same size, density, and number of pixels as a 30" widescreen LCD HDTV at a 1366 x 768 resolution. However, the different manufacturers will use various technologies and enhancements to increase the quality of the picture.
  3. I have a 42" LCD TV and when connected to a laptop it looks great. Even things like Word docs are crystal clear at the native resolution.

    If you do go that route try to go for a 1080p version if plan frequently connecting to your PC. That's 1920x1080 vs. 1280x720 in my case 1366 x 768. When I bought mine they were crazy expensive but I believe the price has come down dramatically sense then.
  4. here is a way to do a 41 inch display which is far higher resolution (3,150 x 1,680) than normal HDTVs (1,366x768 or 1,920x1,080).


    I am using 3 x 20" LCD monitors rotated into portrait mode, and NOT spanned in windows xp pro.
  5. sorry, forgot the picture

    hope this helps
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