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Wow! what a nice chipset, can't wait for that Asus (insert catchy crap here) 8)

Superb Ocing, great performance, 3 PCie, except for the price everything you need =). Also nTune looks nice!
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  1. no mention of that review or any review of the chipset in that thread...

    Thought about appending but then people who haven't been following the thread sometimes miss it...

    Plus theres no review of that asus board, it's just talk, so I would hardly say I am late....
  2. Nice.
  3. does anyone think i should buy this motherboard

    i was looking at the abit aw9d for a while but the i saw this baby and i want to buy it but it has no reviews.. nor does few people have this board so i dont think there are many people that actually know if this is a good board....

    what does everyone think.. should i get this board?
  4. These jumper are the freaking front panel connection! Power On reste and so on...

    Apparently nVidia is working on it for future revision. because that is stupid!
  5. I beleive you should get one from Asus/MSI/Gigabyte/DFi.

    They will do their own design and should improve on it. Also buying right away , you will need to flash bios and so a few times to work out some kinks...
  6. Actually Anandtech complained about it...with reason!

    Stil it's not 'only' a reference board because, eVga/BFGTech and such will actually use this exact design, they used their video card distribution model for the first 680i...
  7. Ill sit put trying to avoid the n00bs to get it before seeing what the Asus and Abit offerings can do. Never forget about RD600 wich might be a better OCer at a much fairer price.
  8. good!

    Early adopters : 1. Pay to much 2. are guinea pig. I don't really mind since they kinda debug the product for me 8).

    Anyhow it still look like a solid board, but I really dont like paying 200$+ for a board with kinks. IMO, any board over 200 dollar shouldn't have major layout stupidity like that!
  9. Another extremely useful thing about DFI is that the moderators at DFI-street.com get the boards early and start debugging them. By the time youll have problems with it (and you most probably will) someone in the forumz will have already solved it.
  10. I won the EVGA model at a Lan party, so of course I'll gladly be an early adopter :)

    Outfitted with:

    2gb Corsair XMS2 6400
    2 x 7900GT's in SLI
    36gb SATA Raptor for the boot drive
    500gb SATA Maxtor for storage
    DVD r/wr on the ATA
    Audigy ZS2
    Corsair 620w PSU

    WinXP Pro installed in 30 minutes with no hangups. The mobo driver CD installed the rest, then I got the latest audio/video drivers.

    So far so good. I laid it out on my test bench (sucks to discover bad hardware after you've installed in a case) and the only thing I don't like is the mobo aux power connector is clear at the top of the board. I dunno if it's gonna work in my Antec P180 since the PSU sits inthe bottom of that case. I might have to make an extra length of connector for it but I don't know yet.

    One really nice thing is that there are micro switches on the bottom of the board for power and reset so you don't need to hook up the front panel connectors or fiddle with jumpers to get the thing to power on outside of the case. I've never seen that before so I dunno if it's ocmmon now or not, but I liked it.

    I haven't OC'd it yet as I won't really have any time until Sunday due to work, but I have the perfect environment for it: under idle my CPU was at 13C because I set all this up in my garage :)

    The 4-pin molex is for something called an “auxilliary video power connector” but I didn’t use it and probably won’t. The first two SATA ports are side-mounted and I didn’t see them at first so my boot drive is on SATA channel 6 (haha manual? What manual..) but whatever.

    I had to modify my Zalman Fatality’s backplate because there are caps on the bottom of the board and the backplate wouldn’t sit flush. Also there is hardly any clearance between the Zalman and the chipset cooler-a sheet of paper will slide between freely but an index card has to be forced! Not really a problem, more of a nuiscance, just like the teeny-tiny, eyeglass-sized screws that you need to hold the auxilliary chipset fan in place. Look at the caps here:

    Tonight I’m going to install some games and apps so I can guage stock performance before I use and abuse this board this weekend. Here’s some more photobuckety goodness for you all:

    Notice the parts I cut away for clearance:

    And the gaps needed once installed:

    And the index card between the two coolers:

    And the ugliest computer in the world (note: there is only one drive hooked up because the plastic part of the other drive's SATA connector actually BROKE OFF in the SATA cable in my other box!!!!! GRRR... looks like I'm gonna have to solder a cable in place as I'll never be sure I'll have a good connection otherwise...)

  11. Yeah DFI is cool, but their almost like artisans. Their board are wicked and full of possibilities, but you have to invest some time into It.

    These board are not for everyone, I remember when everybody was recommending the nf4 DFI and so many people had trouble just getting it up and running.

    Anyhow, great enthusiast board thats for sure!
  12. Quote:
    Anandtech review
    Hot Hardware
    Tech Report

    Wow! what a nice chipset, can't wait for that Asus (insert catchy crap here) 8)

    Superb Ocing, great performance, 3 PCie, except for the price everything you need =). Also nTune looks nice!

    it is a really nice chipset, i wish i had it with two 8800gtx, quad-core and a prommie...
  13. Seems pretty damn cool. I've learnt from experience now just to be patient. Make sure a board has been out for a while so all the bugs have been worked out, and the price has dropped, and independents like you and me have actually tested the board, and determined it does what "they" said it would do.

    I jumped in with the P5W DH Deluxe based on the Anandtech article, and although its a great board, it didnt perform to my expectations with respect to OC'ing. I'll be more cautious next time. I could have gotten a better bank for my buck.

    Do you think it would be worth it to switch out of the P5W DH board, and go with a 680? When is ATI coming out with theirs?
  14. Quote:
    Do you think it would be worth it to switch out of the P5W DH board, and go with a 680? When is ATI coming out with theirs?

    yes, if you're gonna use sli. ~Late Jan. 07
  15. Nice review, keep me posted on all your OCing results! :D
  16. Sweet thanks for the info, really interesting. About the power button, DFI has that on most of their board, really useful for OCer with test bench!

    Pretty cool to get a board like that, sure is really nice, when I advice people to hold off a bit is because 230$ is a lot of money for a board without a prefect layout but I wouldn't say no to one myself!

    Oh a nice setup, nice components in it =)
  17. No sweat. The cards are different btw because I already had a EVGA 7900GT, and the one I won is an XFX card. I was a bit worried at first that they wouldn't match in SLI mode (minor variations in speeds / errata due to diff manufacturers) but they do so it's all good. It's interesting to note that the h/s on the EVGA board covers all the ramm chips while the h/s on the XFX board does not.

    You gota have a test bench, even if it's your dining room table (covered with a towel or something, mind you). I built mine out of one of those pre-fab countertops from Home Depot. :)

    Oh yeah. I managed to fix that broken SATA connector (sort of) by jamming the whole thing back together. The contacts in the cable are springy so they contact the ones on the drive just fine. Then I simply (and rather crudely, but hey) wrapped electrical tape around the drive a couple of times to hold it down.

  18. I've always wondered about those who build their machine out of the case. Doesn't the motherboard have to be screwed down in the same case as the psu to have proper grounding? Is there anything special to take into account regarding grounding or anything else? I really want to preassemble my next rig but am worried I'll fry everything if it's not mounted in the case.
  19. Quote:
    No sweat.

    Ah, the good ol' 70s!
  20. Nah, there's really no concern because the grounding goes through the power supply. The benefits in mounting components in a case are mainly for physical support and EMI shielding. So laying out all the components outside of a case is no problem just so long as you are careful and lay the board on a non-conductive surface.
  21. Hi HYDRO here. I just built a system for a good friend using the EVGA mainboard and it sure does look sweet. The system I built consists of the following.
    E6700 CPU
    EVGA Nforce 680i SLI mainboard
    2X74gig Western Digital Raptor 10,000 RPM Drives Raid 0 (stripe)
    4x1gig Corsair XMS DDR2 PC6400
    1 Geforce 7600GS
    Ultra Aluminus server window case
    Still not installed 2 SATA Maxtor 500 gig drives for movie storage
    Corsair Nautilus water cooling

    Well so far I like the system. I had one issue with Roxio Go Back 3 software. I think because Nvidias auto tune program has direct access to the bios via wimdows. So windows would not boot up after installing the program. This was easily fixed by hitting the space bar and choosing to diasable Go Back 3 then it would boot and I uninstalled the program. Other than that Ive had no other software issues.
    I should have bought faster memory and I think I will exchange the memory so I can overclock higher. So far with this memory I can get it up to 3.1 gig stable. Even though Im only using a single video card gaming is flawless and seems effortless for the system. Zero lag when playing NFSHP2. My friend isnt much of a gammer but Im sure he will get the gamming bug once he gets his new tower Ive built for him. This mobo is slated as having the capability of up to 500 mhz FSB overclockability but I assume that you will need some PC8800 memory to get anywhere near that. I highly recommend this board for those hard care Nvidia fans that dont want to go with intel and crossfire. With this you get Intel and SLI. As for Nvidias Auto overclocking program I ran it twice and it didnt do anything to increase the FSB speed and overclock the system. I had to overclock the good old fashioned way in the bios. When I did use the overclocking program to manually overclock the system in windows it would revert back to stock settings upon reboot. Maybe I havnt spent enough time to learn how to save the settings in the program yet. So for now all my overclocking will be in the bios. I also think that if I uninstall the windows based overclocking interface I should have no problem installing Roxio Go Back 3. I really like this program because if you crash your system and windows wont boot. You can revert back to an earlier time and save yourself hours of work doing a reformat and install or windows repair. For me this is an essential program and has saved me alot of troubles. You can find this program inside of Norton System Works 03 by clicking Extra Features on the main screen. Ive read that a 1 gig overclock is no problem using the stock HSF with this CPU so unless I exchange the memory and get faster memory I will not see the full potential of both the CPU and this new mainboard. So far this thread is the only reveiw Ive found on this board. I hope Toms does a reveiw soon. For now we are it. I will continue to post my experiences with this project and also post some pictures. Just dont have the time right now have a date so gotta go. :D
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