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I am trying to play a videogame console (PS2, Xbox 360, etc) on a PC monitor by way of an s-video port on a tuner card. I have a Pentium Duo and pleanty of memory but the TV Tuner card I have comes from the computer I had last year. It appears to be an ATI Theater Pro. When I attempt to play games on PS2 using the tuner card's s-video in port, I get a 1/2 second lag. In my attempts to get this working, I've tried many TV programs from ATI TV to Dscaler and have played with many settings. Yet, I still get lag. So, I wanted to know if purchasing a new tuner card would get rid of the lag (perhaps because they have better on-board handling of the signal?) So, would it be a good idea to buy a $100 card from maybe Hauppauge or one of the other good brands out there? I would appreciate any recommendations that any of you might have as I have been trying to solve this problem for a week or so.
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  1. Not quite clear on what you mean. I already have a seperate tuner card. I have an x800xt for the graphics card and a year old ATI Theater Pro for the tuner card. Are you saying to replace this card with a kworld card? Also, what program are you using to display the video? I've tried several although I can't get Dscaler to work since switching to s-video input generates an error (that's well documented on their site) So are you using that or something else? And when you said another tuner, you don't mean I should have 2 stand alone tuners do you?
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    I'm using the PVR software that came with the card. I have no problems with lag. Though i have heard about lag problems on ATI cards. But those where AIW cards. I had an ATI TV Wonder LE before that but had all sorts of problems trying to get it up and running. Anyway...

    I use the Kworld only. The link i gave is basicly the same tuner as i have right now. They don't make the model i have anymore. Your s-video issue may not be a software problem. I'm sure they document it as a software issue but you could have a problem with your card.

    Personaly if i have about $30 laying around i would get a new card and see if it's any better. If not then you can always return the card.

    Interesting. Would I be better off with this than a $100 Hauppauge product as far as the lag goes? I mean yes definately No Lag is the priority. But, if I can get no lag and better picture quality plus a single or dual tuner in addition to no lag, I'd probably go that route. But, if this is the best/only known no lag solution, I might have to go for this. Opinions?
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