Can I upgrade mine?

I was wondering what is the upgrading capability of my laptop. I have a dell inspiron 6000, which has the following specs:
Intel Celeron M processor 1.40 GHz
Mobile Intel 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset 128.0MB
SigmaTel C-Major Audio Sound Card

Sound card I don't really care about, but I want to be able to run good games fairly well without lag, and on top of that, many games require an Nvidia or ATI graphics chipset. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. The video card is what is going to help you in games.

    Unfortunately for you, your video card is 'builtin' the motherboard. Even if that wasn't the case, there's is not real open standard for 'removable/upgradeable' video card in laptop, both nVidia and ATI talked about it but I have yet to see any products.
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