Upgrading my aging PC

Hey everyone, just ordered some stuff off newegg to upgrade my "aging" PC.

Evga nForce 680i SLI
Evga 8800GTX

Replace my,
PD 940 @ 4.0GHz/16*250MHz FSB with a TT Big Typhoon
P5N32-SLI (worthless mobo that can't post after 4.1GHz)
2x 7800GTX SLI @ 470/1300

Total price was $1277.20

Worth it? I could cancel the order now and change it.
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  1. I hate these posts where someone flexes their $ and forgets their brain. Are you just wanting us to stroke your ego? Shut up. Name one game you weren't able to play with those 7800GTX's in SLI! :roll:
  2. The tremendous power savings are worth quite something on their own. :)

    E6600 with 680i should overclock into the top range of C2D performance, limited only by your cooling.

    And $1277 isn't much at all to accomplish this. You could even make a nice chunk back selling the old components.
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