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Using windows 7 Professional 32 bit for a week now, like the looks of it but i am having a problem with the mouse. Sometimes it freezes up and wont click anything on the screen, cursor still moves but wont comp..etc nothing! Have to ctl alt delete hit cancel, go back to the screen and it works again. Any suggestions? It is a Logitech MK300 wireless keyboard, Logitech G7 cordless mouse. Thanks!!
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  1. Sounds more like the OS is the problem and not your mouse. When you open task manager check in processes and applications ot see what is running.

    Chances are that something is causing your CPU / RAM to peak under load.
  2. Logitech Software is boinky .. have had issues with it on XP and Win7. It may not be related to your problem but I would uninstall any Logitech software. Currently have G9 and G19 and Logitech "Slideshow" doesn't work in Win7-64
  3. Thanks for the replies, i think i figured it out, under device manager it had the mouse there 3 times, deleted all of them, unplugged the mouse from the usb and plugged it back in, and its worked ok since.
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