Laptop won't recognize Windows 8 to install it


I recently purchased Windows 8 and thought I would try it on my Laptop. It came as an .iso so I burned it to a USB using Microsoft's tool to do so. So I started my laptop up, changed the first boot drive option in BIOS to be a USB, plugged it in, and restarted. It said there wasn't any boot-able USB's so it booted from the HDD (where Windows 7 is installed). Tried burning the .iso on to a DVD and trying that, no luck. Tried re-downloading the .iso and creating another USB and trying that, no luck.

Seems like my laptop won't recognize Windows 8 as an operating system or something. It's an ASUS Notebook N81Vg/N81Ve/N81Vp Series. Like I said it has Windows 7 installed right now.

Is this the case, and if so is there a way to fix it? If not, what's the problem?
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