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will the price of the gtx drop any time soon because of the dx10 cards?
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  1. No real way of telling. However, some system builders have already reduced the prices they charge for 7900/7950 cards... However, from the looks of things you still may be better off with an 8800GTS than a 7900GTX, and you may get off a little cheaper, too. I just pulled the trigger on a system from cyberpowerpc.com, and they were actually only charging $550 for 8800GTX... ('course, you've gotta buy their whole system, but I priced it against the parts and figured the 100 bucks was a fair convenience fee... Plus, fewer packages I need to be home to receive!) Anyway, regarding the 550 8800GTX, if I didn't have a wife, I would have gotten two!
  2. I was looking on newegg.com for 7900gtx cards and they dont have a single one listed I can only find the gt, I am actually going to buy a X1900xtx but I was just curious what the prices were looking like on the 7900gtx and I can't find any non on tigerdirect.com either or at least if they are out there they are all out of stock
  3. if you are looking for a 7900gtx to sli with, i suggest:


    but seriously, i think the supply of 7900gtx's are drying up. Pick one up cheap on ebay, college has taken away my gaming life =( please help me pay rent!

    hehe ty. :oops:
  4. i dont want a freakin 500 freakin dollar 8xxx series card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. ....are they making more 7900gtxs?
  6. Lol sweet desktop in that eBay auction! It is being watched in my eBay, even though 5 seconds ago I made a post saying how I was satisfied with my 7800GT and saw no reason to upgrade...maybe I just want the Zalman cooler?
  7. I see on eBay the 7900GTO's are generally going for more than the 7900GTX.. :? ..people are so dumb sometimes. Actually all the time.
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