Unbootable with Video Card

The fun part about this card is it worked for over a year without any problems and then one day after a Guild Wars session and a reboot the comp froze on the Windows loading screen after the bar passed a few times. I tried a reboot with the same result and then had the idea of booting into Fedora Core 5 (dual boot system) which then lagged like no tomorrow, there was a 3+ second between my actions and the result on anything. I then attempted to load a Knoppix 3.7 live cd which refused to load. Once I removed the video card (after two weeks of troubleshooting) the computer booted perfectly fine off the onboard.

As a temporary (very temporary) stopgag I put an ancient Radeon 7000 in the AGP slot the BIOS defaulted to a 4x mode, when I re-inserted the 9550 it automatically changed to an 8x mode. Later when I attempted to flash the card's BIOS (DOS utility) the utility didn't detect the card was even in the AGP slot. When I moved the card to my spare computer it wouldn't even detect the card at all, it just output video from the onboard which should have been auto-disabled.

I'm waiting to upgrade in about 3 months but until then is there any way to resurrect my 9550 that any of you can see?

Windows XP Professional SP2
VisionTek Xtacy Radeon 9550 128Mb AGP
Athlon XP 2000+
512Mb PC2700
MachSpeed Venom V4DP
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  1. well that means u have to replace ur card.
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