Static IP on Wireless networks with DHCP on

Here is the setup:

I have two ISP's one T1 and the other DSL
I'm getting a cisco 1841 router that will have the T1 avalible to only the IP's in the range and the DSL only avalible to the range My DHCP Range is going to be, so that clients can come in and connect when needed. If for some reason the T1 goes down then the DSL takes over. If the DSL goes down then the T1 Takes over.


I need to find a solution that will enable all the laptops to set static IP's for the network here so that specific laptops use the DSL but others will use the T1. All are Win XP Pro with Broadcom Wireless Adapters I'm not sure which ones specifically but I'm sure I can make some phone calls and find that out.
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  1. The setup seems odd in that the Cisco is requiring you to set two different IP ranges on the LAN side.

    Other dual-WAN routers I'm familiar with make the switchover between two WAN connections transparent to the clients (except if the client gateway and DNS info needs to change).
  2. The Router is not requiring that the network be setup that way I'm requiring it.
    You see we have Servers that are going to be on the T1 side that the DSL range needs to be able to access. this leaves the servers to use the bandwidth of the T1 and the clients on the DSL will not cut into the T1 performance.
  3. Got it. I guess the simplest thing is to narrow both DHCP ranges for both LAN groups, then assign your static IPs in the unused portions of both groups.

    Does the Cisco allow you to set the DHCP servers separate from the NAT configuration?
  4. that I'm not sure about but there is only going to be one DHCP range. The problem is haveing static IP's Wirelessly on our network but then be able to go with DHCP when they are not at the office, without changing the NIC settings in windows. In otherwords a software solution that allows the settings to be automatically changed depending on the SSID that they are connected to.
  5. Most client apps handle multiple profiles, but not sure they can change the address method.

    Maybe Netswitcher can help
  6. Thank you for your help. Does anyone else have any insite to what they think I can do or know of a free solution to my problem?
  7. I found a solution. If you are going to have the setup that I'm talking about you will most likely have a router that can give out specific IP's based on MAC Addresses within the DHCP range. Note the DHCP range is only in the DSL Range so I needed to exted the DHCP so that it would allow meet to set my Statics where I wanted and that was it. Also because I'm utilizing the T1 line for mainly my servers I don't need to worry about wireless for them. I just thought I would post cause I figured I wouldn't be the only person out there that would like thier setup to be like this.
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