CPU Charts price/performance index?

The price/performance index. Used to be you could select this comparison from the list of benchmarks. Now despite reading the reference that this tool exists I cannot, for the life of me, find it. Perhaps I'm just too thick. Would someone please end my frustration and tell me in very clear, easy to follow directions so that I am guaranteed to find it. Better yet, post a link if possible.

Thank you

Why is it that when sites like TH are set up they do a fantastic job but when bought/sold the new people in charge make it worse; not better or even as good as it was? This happens all the time. The "improvements" aren't!

AND how about sub-category options that apply!! You make them mandatory but then offer 3 extremely limited headings. The current TH is an all dressed up pile of garbage!
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  1. Yeh, but will all the constant price changes, this would have to be a full-time job unless you get some kinda script...
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