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I got a old computer with a AMD Athlon xp 2200+ processor which as I understand is suppose to run 1.8Ghz, it does though only run 1.67 - 1.7 see scrn shots below

I have got a useless motherboard (GA-7VAXFS -> Manual) and therefore can't change either the FSB or the multiplyer in BIOS, it's all done with a "jumper like" switch on the mainboard and I can only choose between 100, 133 and 166, it's currently set at 133 which x2 gives 266 Mhz FSB, so what I have come down to is that it must be the multiplier thats screwed up somehow... Now how do I change this if I can't do it in BIOS? can I get a need little software somewhere or do I just have to live with it as it is?
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  1. I have a 2500+ and it runs at 1.83Ghz stock. I can't remember bout the 2200+ cpu's though. I'll have a look see what I can find.
  2. what arch is it? (tbred,barton,...)
  3. umm... I dunno

    how do I find out? (without having to remove the CPU cooler) plz :)
  4. Sorry no other way...Just kidding. Google and download cpuz. Its real small. Run it and see which uArch it is.

    I'm not sure but I think the mobile ones run at 1.67Ghz.
  5. He-He.. so funny u are :P

    It's a Barton..

    Note: the multiplier (I was right!) weee... I'm so good! it's suppose to be 13.5 as of what I know.

    Might seem a bit stupid to be bitching about 100Mhz but I would also like to OC it if possible....
  6. I think you have one of the low voltage mobile barton desktop replacements.

    Look here. Scroll down to the Athlon XP-M "Barton" (Low Voltage, 35W TDP, Socket A)
  7. Hmm... that sux! :(

    but at least it's running as it's suppose to then...

    Can it be OC'ed ? :twisted:
  8. Prolly. All the Bartons were good OC'ers, the mobile ones especially. All the veterans will tell you that, wusy, cisvicious,etc. Gotta go. Fire alarm.
  9. Are you online at a firestation? wtf!? LOL! ...stop wasting time on my CPU and hurry the fawk up then!

    So my CPU dosen't suck at at all, it just needs a little fine tuning :)

    But how do I OC it when I can't do it from BIOS and how far do you think I can go with just the standard cooling?
  10. It is an XP2800+ Barton.
    It runs 166 x 12.5 = 2083MHz @ 1.65V
    Change your FSB jumper to 166MHz and you're in business!
  11. I already tried that, it won't even boot... I'll give it another go just to make sure...
  12. WOHA! you where right!!! it works like a charm, this is the best day in a long time! I just my got self a brand new computer today!

    First the mail man arrived with my new RAM (512MB Kingston HyperX), right after I wrote the last reply to Dade_0182, I plugged em in and booted it up, seemed to work perfect... Then I went to check the forum and you had wrote about the jumper settings, I tried it out and it worked as well, now suddently I got a brand new computer! what a day, what a day! :D

    Forget the overclocking, I'm happy with the way my computer works.. for now at least...

    THANK YOU!!! .oO(x3m is flying on a pink cloud)

    Below: some scrn shots of my brand new comp.
  13. Nope I'm not a fireman and I'm not at a firehouse. I work at an electricity depot. Help with prepaid customer queries and new applications. Wish I was rather a fireman, the dangerpay alone is more than my pay at the moment.

    Glad you got it to work like it is now. What's the temps now? Hope It gives you joy for a while still. :wink:
  14. Quote:
    I have a 2500+ and it runs at 1.83Ghz stock.

    Sure, I had one of those Bartons with 11x multiplier - they're great.
    If your mobo would do 200MHz FSB, the XP2500+ likely would do it too!
    But @ x3m - probably just run yours stock @ 166FSB. Overclocking SocketA can throw off your PCI and AGP frequencies...
    And I would recommend you use the 2-3-3-7 @ 166MHz memory setting.
    Tighter timings at the synchronous-with-FSB PC2700 speed will work better than asynchronous 200MHz memory and looser timings.
    Anyway, glad you got it working... hopefully it should run great (still a fairly quick CPU).
  15. I'm using a good ol Barton....but I got gyped....and it doesnt oc very well like its supposed to.
  16. I just meant that is the stock frequency.

    Mine runs at 2.2Ghz (200 fsb) and if I feel adventurous 210. My ram timings are 2-3-3-8 but it's corsair value ram 2x512 ddr400 (pc3200) and I haven't really fiddled with the ram yet. Just set the fsb to the same as the cpu when I change the cpu.

    Would have liked an unlocked mutliplier but don't feel like risking the chip and connecting the pins (cant remember which ones) are too risky for me as it is all I have. Gonna upgrade round about when vista comes out.
  17. Quote:
    The_OGS wrote
    And I would recommend you use the 2-3-3-7 @ 166MHz memory setting.
    Tighter timings at the synchronous-with-FSB PC2700 speed will work better than asynchronous 200MHz memory and looser timings.

    it does run at 166MHz now according to the previous scrn shots right? (as far as I now it should, in BIOS the memory clock seems to have recalibrated it self to 166MHZ, though I set it to 200MHZ at first) I can no longer change it.. dunno why... maybe because the mobo can't supply the 2.6V the RAM needs to run probobly, it only supplys 2.5V.. this mobo sux. (but still they run fast, wayyy faster than my old RAM)

    The_OGS wrote
    Anyway, glad you got it working... hopefully it should run great (still a fairly quick CPU).

    The funny thing is that I found this computer at the junkyard, it didn't work at first but after fittling with it for a while I got it running, I had an old GF3 Ti-200 lying around and some other stuff like HD and so on, so the only thing I've spend money on is the 512MB RAM, He-He... (gotta love that sort of people... :roll: )

    Dade_0182 wrote
    Glad you got it to work like it is now. What's the temps now? Hope It gives you joy for a while still. :wink:

    I checked it in BIOS yesterday and I don't quite remember right now but if you really wanna know I'll post em for ya, just le me know...
    I do though remember that the highest temperature was 50 degrees (celcius) ((dunno in fahrenheit, I'm european :P)) I'm not sure weather that was the CPU or what but I think so...
    I'm enjoying it already, it's a completely new computer and as I wrote in reply to The_OGC I didn't pay a dime for it! gotta enjoy that!

    Thanks alot to the both of you! I really appreciate you guys helping me out here, this computer is faster than I ever would have dared hoping it would be... MUHAHAHA...! ;)
  18. Quote:
    using a good ol Barton...and it doesnt oc very well like it's supposed to.

    There is a bit of a 'trick' to this. It requires a motherboard that officially supports 200FSB (which I believe your Asus does).
    Overclocking from 166FSB, you nudge it faster & faster - 170MHz, 175... right? Your PCI and AGP creep higher too, up from their 33MHz and 66MHz respectively.
    10% becomes a good overclock - because your AGP is hitting ~73-74MHz and your PCI is overclocked too.
    The trick is to go right to the default or 'stock' 200FSB setting! At this speed setting, the motherboard changes its internal dividers and gives you perfect 33MHz PCI and 66MHz AGP once again.
    You should give both the CPU and the memory ~1.75V and then select exactly 200MHz FSB (no more, no less).
    If it POSTs it POSTs... and if it POSTs okay, it will probably run really solid and continue as long as you keep your case and all its innards nice and cool.
    So, strange to think that 200FSB in this situation works better than 180FSB - but it does :^)
  19. I suspect it's that damned Asus A7NX8 3lfk1ng. It was just never quite up to snuff with the competition. Sorry, no offense intended. I'm sure you'll have better luck with the upcoming RD600 you want. :wink:

    @The_OGS, depending on which version of the A7NX8 he has, he can lock down the AGP and PCI buses IIRC. Also the memory voltage options were just one of the issues holding the A7NX8 back.
  20. You don't really have to and the temps in celcius is just fine (south african here). Moving to the UK in about 10 months if everything runs smoothly. No worries bout the girlfriend as she's coming with me and it's sort of her idea. (Lower pc prices at last :twisted: )
  21. Europe is tha place to be! no worries up here... :)

    I've been messing around with my computer again... I would like to tweak it just a little bit more since I haven't met the bounderies yet... he-he

    I oc'ed my GF3-Ti-200, default is 175 - 400 but I got Core=226MHz Memory=454MHz with stock cooling.. seems to run stable and it gave me a little more FPS in counter-strike:source :) but any more and it starts screwing up or freezing.

    My RAM probably can't get much faster than they already are so let's leave them alone for a while...

    The CPU though should have great potential right? So how do I do that? as I already mentioned I can't do it from BIOS, so is there some other way? I tried google but I can't seem to find any work arounds :(
  22. I know that... :roll:

    I didnt wan't to spend money on it though...
  23. Sure, you could get a 200FSB mobo for SocketA - but it is unlikely your CPU would run.
    AMD never released a 200FSB model CPU with that high a speed...
    So that's it for you. Just use it and enjoy it!
    2 x 512MB good memory and a nice new (inexpensive) AGP vidcard like a GeForce 7600 are the way to max that rig out - but the CPU is as fast as it's gonna get...
  24. Quote:
    AMD never released a 200FSB model CPU with that high a speed...

  25. My Mom's PC has a Barton 3200 that came clocked at 200fsb. and I have a 2600 mobile barton that has seen 235fsb in it's OC days. So I believe it will run 200 on an NForce2 board (which also has pci and agp locks).
  26. Actually I think The_OGS just meant that there wasn't a stock high clocked Athlon XP that utilized a 400 FSB as the 3200 was the fastest stock at 2.2Ghz...but I wasn't sure.

    2.2Ghz was child's play for most of the Athlon XP Mobile chips.
  27. I c, well thanks then... I have already considered buying a video card and another 512mb RAM, so I guess I'm on the right track. :)
  28. I have an AMD Athlon XP 2500+ Barton with 1 GB DDR 400 ram. I'm looking to overclock this as well, but I'm afraid I will end up damaging my processor due to high heat. What kind of heatsink/fan do you recommend? I'm on a limited budget and need something that is efficient and quiet.

    On a different note, some overclocking guides say anything past 60*C is dangerous, and some say 48*C. Any thoughts on this?

    Here's the specs:
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