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Two days ago I started having a problem whereby every time I click a link or Favorite the Dial up Connection window pops up asking me if I would like to connect. I close this window and then a Web page unavail message pops up asking me if I would like to connect. I click connect and am taken to the page I want. This is quite annoying. Prior to this I was messing with my network places trying to get a new machine on my home network. I am assuming I screwed somthing up, but I can't figure out what.
I use DSL with a modem connected to a Linksys router/gateway. My other computers do not have this problem just my main one :x
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  1. I assume u r using IE. Do one the followings:
    - Install Firefox
    - Internet Options -> Connections -> remove listed Dial up connections

  2. Control Panel -> Internet options -> Connections tab.
    In the dial-up and virtual private connections box, select and remove any listed.
    Under that box select "never dial a connection"
    This will force the connection to use the network.

    If for some reason you dont get internet after this then rerun the internet connection wizard and follow the prompts.
  3. That did it thanx. :D :D :D
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