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Okay, so the new TH is officially sub par. The original site was established to provide specific useful information that was relevant in time and comprehensive in scope while being clean and easy to navigate. Since the sellout, and like virtually every other sellout, the new purveyors are just in it to exploit the community while stripping the site's value. In many cases the the community responds by setting up a new site that restores the previous value and leaves the new owners with nothing but an old name as the community moves.

Is there a new site that fills the void? Has anyone come across a site worthy of Tom's community? Is anyone planning to resurrect the quality and usefulness of TH in a new site?
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  1. No, you'd need heaps of skill and time.
  2. It will better to keep and maintain TH quality, if not, we will start looking for a new place.
  3. That is a great response. "maintain TH quality". wow so definitive, it must have taken 3 or 4 weeks for you to come up with that response. I'm sure the people at THG will take this and run with it. :rolls eyes:
  4. maintain TH quality?

    how long haven't you known that the site is run by Best of Media?
  5. TG Publishing was the problem more than Bestofmedia. BOM added the ads, but it was TG Publishing that started the downturn.
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