Can my PSU run 8800 series ?

Can my Hiper Type R 580w with 2 12v rails (one at 18a the other at 20a) run both the GTS or the GTX card ? Little confused as to whether you can simply add up the amps on both rails to get 38 amps.
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  1. I doubt that you could no offence. Maybe, Just Maybe the GTS model you could, but I do not have a DX10 card.(yet) My Aspire 680w I dont even think has enough juice to power one of those things.
  2. You most likely can:
    recommended Amperage for whole system: 30A for GTX and 24A for GTS.

    ~180W-200(max!) what fore the video card. You also need 2 PCIe connector for the GTX...

    Wattage calculator
    If you're system is around ~450W( I doubt it) then your PSU might start heating/fan spinning faster/less stable and so on.
  3. You've got plenty of power to run either a 8800GTX or GTS, nVidia only recommends a 450W psu that can deliver 30A combined on the 12V rails

    Your psu delivers 18A and 20A respectively which do not combine to be 38A but is definitely more than 30A(its probably around 35A, Also note that this is the max power the card would want to use so it would never go over 30A and most likely won't even hit 28A)
    I've seen a Core 2 Quad(overclocked)+8800GTX system on XS Forums only using 243W

    So without a doubt you could run either card..
  4. about your aspire:
    Johny Guru

    Looks like his hiper is better then your PSU :oops:
  5. Thats alright, I probably payed less for mine :lol:
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