Another E6600 Temp thread (please read)

Right here it goes.

I overclockerd my CPU to 2.7 a few days back, before i OC i had idle temps of about 36 and load of just over 40.

When i OC @2.7 the temps when to about 45 idle, low 50's with load and i wasnt happy, so i reset the settings in the bios to default and i was gonna stick with 2.4.

But i done that yesterday and the temps were still only a few degrees lower about 42 instead of 45 and today there about 45-46 and i dont know whats going on. I have a Freezer 7 pro coller and artic silver paste so theres something going on, Airflows good, case full of fans etc.

I checked CPU-Z before and my buss speed went from 266(default) to i think it was 279 for no reason.

Here are some screens from speedfan and CPU-Z incase something has reset like Voltage or something. Im still new to OCing so theres something i might of missed.

Any help would be VERY greatfull.

Thanks Matthew.
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  1. Those temps don't look bad, I would like to see what coretemp says, as most people are posting numbers gotten with this so you can compare apples to apples.

    At 3.2Ghz/400 fsb, 1.325v set in bios I see 50C idle 60C burnin.
  2. Quote:
    At 3.2Ghz/400 fsb, 1.325v set in bios I see 50C idle 60C burnin.

    At the same settings I get 38C idle/ 45C under load
  3. Do you have the voltage the same at 2.4 as at 2.7? If so, there probably won't be a massive difference in temps between the two.

    You need to load both cores 100% to get comparable temps, most people use two instances of Prime95 with each set to affinity of core 0 and core 1 respectively.
  4. I think i might of found out what the problem was, i had my CPU fan plugged into my mobo and was using the ASUS fan setting and it was only spinning it to 1300 on load, ive plugged it into my fan controller and have it at 2300 and its now 36c...

    simple haha...

    Still doesnt explain the random bus change though.
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