Where did all the AMD X2 4800+ go?

Have a 1 year old 939 socket board with a great 4000+ but was hoping to go dual core some time soon. But can't find any X2 4800+ See alot of X2 4600+. Then I see the FX-60 price even higher then the FX-62. What is going on? Ok AMD is screwing me already by getting rid of the 939 but what else is going on? Has there been a run on these chips of late? Am I going to have to simply get a new board and go back to Intel. That core 2 duo does look sweet. Seriously do I have an upgrade path. Should I go with an opteron? Thanks for the help or at least insight.
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  1. If you can find a 3800x2 manchester you would be better off IMHO, being as it's the cheapest in the x2 range and can be OC'd to more than a standard FX-60 albeit without the 2MB cache, an Opteron should work but I can't find any near me and having never used one I can't/won't say how good or bad they are/will be
  2. AMD has stopped producing S939 Athlons with 2MB cache a few months ago. That includes the X2 4800+ and the X2 4400+. All production of S939 Athlons are suppose to cease production in December 2006. That means the final delivery of S939 Athlons will be in January 2007.

    I suspect AMD will raise prices on all remaining S939 CPUs next year to "encourage" people to move to the socket AM2 platform. This is a strategy AMD used when the S754 Athlons were introduced. Some time after all Athlon XPs ceased production AMD raised the prices on all Athlon XPs.
  3. AMD has stopped producing the toledo core (2 x 1 meg cache). Most remaining s939's are manchester core (2 x 512 meg cache).
  4. Thanks for the information. So it looks like Ebay is in my future. Or maybe buying a Opteron 180 Denmark? Will the Opteron still give me the same performance on single thread aps as my current 4000+?
  5. My set up currently has an AMD 4000 (sandy) on it also. I was looking at the opteron chips as a way to upgrade because of the shortage of X2's. People say good things about the Opterons, the 2.2 GHZ (the 175) chip seems to be the sweetspot with overclocking headroom.


    Newegg does have the 4400 oem for $199.
  6. For the most part, there's little to no difference between the 2x1MB and the 2x512KB chips. If I were you, I'd get a 4600+ before AMD ships the last of them and prices go way up. It's just as fast as your Sandy but with another core that is just as fast. You'll likely be pleased with performance unless all of your apps are single-threaded. Then you'll see little difference in speed but things run smoother.

    SMP is very nice to use. I am just glad that it has come down in price a lot since the bad old days of having to buy two server CPUs, each costing twice that of a similar 1P CPU, a $500 motherboard, and ECC RAM that cost significantly more than what normal RAM did.
  7. 'No stock', guess that will be all I'm wanting then :roll:
  8. I know that my reply is somehow late but I saw your question today!!!
    I had your problem during past months.
    I tell you that your best option is OPTERON
    I bought an Opteron 165 (Dual Core 1.8 Ghz with 2x1Mb cache)
    just 1 week ago and it really fly on stock speed with no need to Overclock.
    (my previous cpu was 3200+ venice OC'd 2.5 Ghz)
    Ofcourse if you are an over clocker this cpu will go high enough. I OC'd
    this cpu to 2.6 Ghz without any problem with stock Voltage and
    I have seen that some guys out there have reached higher frequecies
    like 2.8 and 2.9 Ghz.
    Opteron 170 and 175 are other options but at higher costs and none of them are as good as 165 in overclocking. if you are not an overclocker then with afew higher speed that they have maybe they are better for you.
    But I really suggest you to do not hesitste to buy an Opteron 165 :D
  9. Thanks for the info on the Opteron. I have been looking around. And I have to say pricing for AMD is wacked. Example Tigerdirect has the Opteron 180 @ $759.99 and the 185 @ 379.99... humm.. Newegg seems more inline with 180 @ $300.00 and 185 @ $423.00 But then we have the FX60 Tigerdirect @ $599.99 and Newegg $833.99 Sure is a strange market place at the moment.
    I do some over clocking but do like to stay with stock cooling so nothing crazy. Currently running a 10% overclock on the sandy. But have some more room as rig is still cool.
    Im thinking the 180 or a X2 4600 at the moment but still loooking. Ebay pretty funny right now too as saw some oem chips going for more then you can buy in stock retails boxes for at newegg.
    But it sounds like everyone does seem to feel prices will go up. So I will need to do someting soon.
    Thanks everyone
  10. You may have missed the boat on a s939 X2 4800+. As the people above have already said, AMD has stopped manufacturing 2x1MB socket 939 X2s. Last month places like NewEgg were blowing the chips out. I managed to get a OEM 4800+ last month before they sold out.

    Now that the "holiday rampup" has started I doubt you will find one except on ebay. You can try looking around but two things are working against you. One, since AMD stopped making them they will be tougher to find. Two, now that it's holiday season OEMs are getting preference by AMD in terms of supply... so if there are 939s sitting around, the OEMs will get first dibs before distributors.

    Personally I would recommend going for a x2 3800+. I upgraded from this chip and had it OC'd 100% stable for almost a year at 2.5ghz. Still going strong... gave it to my parents and it's currently OC'd to 2.4 (not willing to buy the parents a Zalman)

    Most people can hit 2.4 right away, and although 2.5 and above is certainly do-able you need a good HSF and case airflow to make it work properly. I could have gone higher than 2.5, but I would've needed to buy better memory and was not willing to do so.

    When I first got the 4800+ I saw no difference at all when comparing to the OC'd 3800. But I got it with the intent of OCing it to FX speeds. In fact, a 3800+ OC'd to 2.5 will beat a stock 4800+. The only benefit is that you can get the 4800s to 2.9/3.0 with good cooling.
  11. You do not need to think about Opteron 180 or 185 my friend because they are expensive :roll:
    just take a look at below address an you will see that this is really suit .
    And also in newegg.com you will find Opteron 170 for about 190$ and
    175 for about 235$.
    As I said 165 is really a good guy in OC and for your reference I say it again that I have OC'd it with no problem with it's stock Voltage and Stock
    fan cooler to 2.6 GHz. Now I think I really do not need to OC it to high ,
    because in 2.125 GHz (8.5 x 250) it does everything very quick with no problem(playing game, downloading file from internet and converting files at the same time) and after 3 to 4 hours of doing this jobs the temperature just go as high as 45 c and if I leave it with just downloading files for 1 day or more it will go as high as 35c :lol: Is n't that really good?
    I will reserve further overclocking for next few months that its speed will
    be monotonous for me :wink:
    I tell you again go for 165 and reserve extra money for new VGA(DX 10 maybe) or some extra Ram.
    Believe me and I promise , you will not regret :D
  12. Quote:
    If you can find a 3800x2 manchester you would be better off IMHO, being as it's the cheapest in the x2 range and can be OC'd to more than a standard FX-60 albeit without the 2MB cache

    This is no guarantee. Not all of these chips can be overclocked to 2.6 Ghz. Please who post overclocks are usually the successful ones. If you get a 3800 X2 you can be sure it will run at 2Ghz and that’s it. You can be pretty sure of 2.2GHz, but anything greater is a gamble. Not all chips are created equal.
  13. Quote:
    Opteron 170 and 175 are other options but at higher costs and none of them are as good as 165 in overclocking. if you are not an overclocker then with afew higher speed that they have maybe they are better for you.

    :roll: Not true at all. When did you make this up? 8O All 1-series Opterons offer similar overclocking potential. It is really a matter of the stepping numbers you are lucky enough to get. In fact, the Opteron 170 can be a better choice than the 165 due to the higher multiplier. The 165's advantage was the low price, but now it is only $30 cheaper than the 170 and has a very low multiplier 9X. Depending upon your overclock and given the same steppings, the 170 can perform better than the 165 since it can reach a stable higher HTT speed since you may not need to drop the multiplier as low.
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