I'm complaining.. Wanna read?

Placing a hat ontop of a pile of crap doesn't make the crap look pretty - it's still just a pile of feces. You can take from that comment what you will.

Now, you can change the look of the website all you want, that's fine, I'll get used to it. But don't think for a moment that it makes up for the worthless editors, unreadable reviews, and wishy-washy articles (yeah I said wishy-washy likes a 3rd grade school teacher, wanna fight about it?). This site used to be GREAT. It used to be renowned throughout all of Geekdom. Wtf happened?

And for the love of god, hire some web devs who know what they're doing. The site loads about as fast as a 600lb man running the 100m.

If words are too hard for you, this page has some pretty colors on it. PAGE

Yes, I know there are already a load of other posts about the website change, speed, etc. The idea is that if all the posts on the forum are complaints, they'll eventually have to read at least one of them. .. .. Right? ... Hello?
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  1. I wanna see a lite version of THG forums... the lagg is simply unacceptable...
  2. I don't think it's the website, I think it's the servers.
  3. It's probably both. Each webpage has so many sections, nodes, and ads loading :sleep: . Instead of always changing the theme, they should just sit down and start from scratch.. Minimize and streamline it for a change.
  4. I have adblock plus and it's still slow, so it's not the ads.
  5. :cry: :cry:

    I wanna a cookie.
  6. go here
    mouse over
    click on

    I get taken to the
    Home Cinema Equipment

    using firefox 3.0.4

    really hate the new site
  7. :lol: I used to get taken to the Articles section whenever I clicked on the Forums tab.
  8. This post is as useful as a sh!t popsicle.
  9. I would have to agree.
  10. LVDAX said:
    This post is as useful as a sh!t popsicle.

    this post ?

    this thread
  11. Could the site please be changed so it hurts the eyes and sucks even more?

    Doubt it`s possible.
  12. Well... how's a complete black and white flashing background interface?
  13. amdfangirl said:
    Well... how's a complete black and white flashing background interface?

    That would do it.
  14. plus ads, lots of them... (wait don't we have that already?)
  15. The bugs with this thing bugs me so much that I haven't noticed any ugly designs. And yes, DLing a page from these servers with high latency takes quite a while. First thing I see while the page is loading is some stupid ad about a secure flash drive (using chrome since I thought FF was too slow for THF - apparently that's not the culprit).

    I completely agree with seboj that the quality at Toms is falling faster than 9.8m/s. I used to love this place... recently moved over to OCC (stupid dark background...)

    But seriously, the editors haven't posted up a news article for like 3 days! I don't have all the time in the world to read articles, but seriously, I've gotta read the paper now! I'm actually reading something in print that isn't killing my eyes with 300cd/m2! Worst part is, I've got all the time in the world now that school's out. C'mon Jane, where are your completely pointless and time-consuming articles?
  16. Understand that some people don't work on weekends. You'll find that is the case with many tech websites, Hexus I can think of off the top of my head.
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