evga nf680i + 8800gtx

I have ordered the new evga nf680i and two 8800 gtx's.Can anyone tell me if I can use my old 7800gtx in the third pci express slot for physics processing.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. :)
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  1. Must be nice to be able to afford $1500 on just a motherboard and video cards.
  2. Lol Agree with DrEvil
  3. Congrats!!!! You're gonna love it!! I'm super envious!!!

    As for your question, I remember reading something about that somewhere, but I can't seem to dig the article up. I don't think that you're able to right now, but nvidia might release some kind of support for it later.

    Can someone back me up on this?
  4. Thanks man.It was $2100.Costs more in Canada. :lol:
  5. Physics isn't enabled yet, but theoretically....down the road yes. Supposedly the patch that will enable physx will come out around the release of the r600's (Sometime in January)

    My recommendations:
    Btw if your going to use three cards....make sure you have a psu that supplies over 900watts of power and over 72amps(80 is prefered) on the 12v rails.

    This psu
    or this one

    For top of the line

    1100 watts
    Pc power & cooling 1kw

    An 850watt Silverstone might do you just fine....but depending on your setup (How many hard drives, cold cathodes, fan controllers, how many fans ..etc etc etc) you may want something bigger
  6. I'm using a Galaxy 1000w psu.I hope its sufficient.I'm also using two raptor 150s dvd burner cd burner 7 fans {3 120mm 3 80mm 1 90mm 1 cnp9500 }
  7. Good man, thats the one I plan on getting for my rig(again...its my plan, not concrete).
    It has 75 amps(85amps max) across 5 12v rails which is perfect for triple card solutions.
  8. I've been using it with two 7800s on a asus 570 for a month and a half and its been awsome. :)
  9. You will need a big case for the power supply.I am using the Thermaltake Armour and it fits like a glove.
  10. Sweet. *Drools*...
    Btw....do me a favor *incoming shamelss plug* and post your 3dmark01 score here

    -Post a score using your current system...then post a score using your new system...I want to see how they compare.

    I want to get that 1000 watt enermax....and pay extra to have it sleeved (scroll down towards the bottom)

    Please make a positive rating on the Enermax 1000 here its starting to look bad because of uneducated noobs not knowing how to use a 1000watt psu.

    I use a Thermaltake Kandalf.....lol....I laugh at not having enough room. It's currently getting modded for my new build. (*yet another shameless plug* check the link in my sig)
  11. Im just down loading mark 01 now.I'll post after I install and run.
  12. The 7900 will not land itself that well for physix...due to it's architecture might still do a good enough job, dont know! Remains to be seen. Plus nVidia never supported different model in SLI, might change with physics!

    Might as well sell the 7900 while they're worth something and buy whatever suits you later on.

    My .02 cents
  13. They said that the physics card doesnt need to be at the forefront of the gpu market and that an older series card will do just fine.

    They said that if you get 2 GeForce 8 cards or Geforce 7 cards you can use a lesser GeForce 7 series card with the other two for physics so hold onto your current cards.

    Ati said the same thing when they said to use 2 x1950xt's with a lesser x1600 for physics.(Also will work with 2 r600's and a lesser x1000 series card)
  14. You make a good point.Unfortunately I purchased 7800gtx's and a week later they announced the new 7900 series.That was a real kick in the azz. lol
  15. You wouldn't happen to have any links I could check out.I've sure pissed away alot of money on the puter this year.
  16. Here you go

    "]"This will work with all GeForce 7 series GPUs. NVIDIA recommends a minimum of GeForce 7600 series for this. This is great because no “new” hardware is needed as NVIDIA and Havok’s implementation works with current hardware in the marketplace. This means the install base for the hardware is already there!"
  17. Awsome link.thanks man :D :D

    I was checking out pictures of your tower thru your link and it is very simillar to mine.Your going to have an awsome computer.
  18. Quote:
    Awsome link.thanks man


    I was checking out pictures of your tower thru your link and it is very simillar to mine.

    The TT Kandalf is the exact same tower as the Armor....Just with the added aesthetics on the front.

    Your going to have an awsome computer.

    Thanks, I think I'm actually going to get it painted too. My gf's mom paints cars in Beverly hills for the stars. I'll try to get her to paint my case a gunmetal grey or gunmetal silver. I hope she can do it :)
  19. what heat sink/cooling did you get?
  20. I'm using a zalman cnps 9500 at,but I am thinking of going liquid.
  21. I just ran 3dmark01 and scored 39646 and I will run it again after I recieve and install new mainboard and gpu's.
  22. Very nice score. Dont go liquid...go TEC
  23. Thats really cool.Just checked out NCIX but they don't carry it or I would have ordered it right now.I definately want to try it out.
  24. *sings kinda* Oh canada *stops singing*...I gotcha covered

    Frozencpu ships there!!

    I saved the day!...I think
  25. Unlikely; it's starting to look like Nvidia's physics processing will not be available on anything but the Geforce 8 series.
  26. The architecture of the 8800 series is very different, such that it can be used for some degree of parrallel processing aside from graphics. Essentially, it is designed with physics in mind. I have a feeling that the older generation cards will have a harder time with physics processing for similar reasons as to why they can't run Folding at Home. They simply weren't designed for that type of thing.
  27. Thank you for the input it helps with my decion to sell my old cards.

  28. Thank for the link but I've had way to many problems with Canada customs at the boarder when buying from the US.As soon as its available in Canada i will be trying it out.

  29. LOL, ok
  30. So, uh, when this thing starts to look slow in a year or two, I'll take it. Hahaha.
  31. if u have that much money i suggest u go liquid, and not that cheap liquid stuff PM me, im doing a build for a friend post X-mas and i already mapped out the liquid cooling, it'll cost you might cost u as much as ur mobo and graphics but trust me, the over clocking, will easily give u one of the fastest PCs in the world plus ur PCmark scores will surely be enough for the hall of fame for the present... air cooling is out date... if ur buying high end products with air cooling, your not useing it to it's full potential plus u shoulda bought the liquid cooled BFG lifetime warrenty 8800 GTXs god damn those things are sweet!!! and takes the guess work outta install a water block on ur GPU ur self, add some ram cooler, HD coolers, cpu cooler, and chipset cooler and man... your system will not need an upgrade for minimum 2 years, mostly 3
  32. So say you run an 8800gtx with a 7900gt for physics...would that work in DX10 titles since the 7 series does not support this?
  33. lol
    I doubt I'll have the system a year from now.Something newer and better always catches my eye. :wink:
  34. I used liquid on my 3.2ee and my fx55 .I enjoy trying out new things.I don't have much of a life all I do is work or game on the puter.

    Won't be long and I'll be looking for a new oldlady.lol :(
  35. It doesn't look like it right now.Time will tell.
  36. I just got home from work and checked my emails.NCIX has sent my board but only one of my video cards.According to the tracking number I should have both this afternoon.

    As soon as I get the parts the build is on :D :D :D
  37. Awesome, I'll be expecting a new 3dmark 01 score from you....be sure to post a pic here using imageshack
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