Best drivers for x800 series?

hey guys. i was wondering which ati driver(s) is the most suitable for the x800series, Specially the card i'm using the x800xl 256mb card. I'm kind of keen to see which driver will give me the best performance/more frames in the games that i'm playing.

F.E.A.R, FarCry, Doom 3, Quake 4, Oblivion, and Half life 2.

I heard the old patches work nicely. Is the 4.9 ati driver good for doom 3 and quake4? and is the 4.12beta good for hl2? I'm not really sure. But i hope i can recieve some answers. Thanks.
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  1. Why wouldn't you want to use the latest 6.10 drivers???

    I have the Sapphire x800xl 512MB pci-e card using the latest drivers, and it works perfectly. At 1280 X 960 in HL2: Lost Coast, I get aprox 55 FPS with max settings.. that's good for me.

    Normally the latest drivers will improve performance and fix bugs from previous driver releases..
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