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Alright, here's the deal:

I live in a house and I am sharing it with 5 roomates. On the first floor we have 3 people sharing internet connection 1, using a linksys router. On the second floor we have the other 3 people sharing internet connection 2, using a linksys router. One of the guys on the second floor also has a vonage voip box hooked up to his connection.

We recently wired the entire house to be possibly capable of having both the routers hooked together for lan gaming.

How can we hook all the computers together using the same two routers to share files/lan game as well as have internet access on all machines?
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  1. Wire router 1 to the router 2. Turn of DHCP on them. Assign your favorit IP addresses and you are ready to go for LAN gaming.
    To configure Internet, clients at floor 1 should have router 1 as default gateway and DNS server, Clients at floor 2 should have router 2 as default gateway and DNS server.

  2. You have two internet connections in the same house? If so, just hooking the two routers together would eliminate one of the net connections. If you can afford the loss of bandwidth, (and the bill for it) then that would work. If you need the bandwidth, and can afford it, I would recommend getting a HotBrick:
    There may be some configuration issues with the VOIP you will need to resolve, but should work.
  3. Yes, two internet connections because we cannot split up 6 people on one cable line. And yes, I speculated that was the problem with two routers that it would mess up two internet connections...
  4. You'll want to assign static IP addresses to either ALL computers or only assign static IPs to computers that are to use a specific ISP.
    Basically, I think you would be better off assigning static IP addresses to all computers so you know where each will be going. Disable DHCP on both routers.


    Router 1:
    Using ISP #1

    Router 2:
    Using ISP #2

    Computer #1 wants to use ISP#1

    Computer #2 wants to use ISP#2

    You can create your own IP scheme: is for ISP #1, for ISP#2, etc.

    If you need help setting a static IP address, post back and we can help out.
  5. Yes, that makes so much more sense than my idea. Leave it to me to find the expensive and complicated way to do things! :P
  6. Ok basically I used Riser's configuration... had me confused for a bit on the IP addresses of the computers themselves but I figured out what he meant to say.

    Only problem I ran into was we actually had another router (the voip box) connected to router 1 and caused the computer and phone connected to it to not function properly.

    So basically what we did is bought a 50ft phone line and ran it to the other room and eliminated one of the routers without VOIP. Now everything works like a charm, internet & lan.

    Thanks for the help guys, I always hated networking because there seemed to be no straight working answers to simple questions :)
  7. Didn't Old_times say the same thing as Riser? Riser just explained it a little more.
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