Problems with gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF-9 mother board

I have just built a new system and i have no display using this motherboard :(

I have tried swapping the memory and used a very old graphics card but it still doesn't seem to get past POST also used another monitor still no affect

I have a 400w power supply and have tried the board with just the power switch connected and the monitor still in the case, still the same result....

I have a AMD 3500 64 VENICE Processor so i'm sure this is ok with this board and all the parts are brand new...

Can anyone help me on this its stumped me!!!!

I am thinking the bios but how do i sort that out? i have tried taking the cmos battery out but still the same
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  1. I have same problem with you,, also the same motherboard I used..... I prefer to install a new os but it doesnt work..
    It always prompt a message - Verifying DMI Pool Data............
    and then theres no respone until the screen is off....

    im tired of this...... pls help,,, asap.... thanks
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