I don't trust best of media...

Does anyone know if there's a way to have my user account information purged from best of media's servers? I have enjoyed Tom's over the years, but now that best of media has repeatedly shown its propensity to cash in for a quick buck with advertising and other 'opportunities,' I can't help but wonder how long it will be before they start selling off our email addresses and other user contact information to solicitors and spammers. I've managed to keep the same email address for almost two years now without ending up on a bunch of spam, and unfortunately I just don't think I can trust Tom's anymore. A sad day indeed.
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  1. don't worry about it, okay?


    change ur email so they spam a free email
  2. Or leave. yes that's my answer, changer your email address info and leave.
  3. I don't like those people just keep on complaining!
  4. If THG changes hands we will still be here anyway ... scary thought.

    AdZap is running well on my Linux firewall ...

    Firedogevan your sum total of posts is a massive 5 !!!

    I don't think anyone wants your e-mail.

    If you PM a moderator I am sure they will happily delete your account.

    In saying that I hope you decide to stay and jump up to the top of the forums and try to help out some of the n00bs with their computer problems like the rest of us do.

    Karma has this way of coming back to help you out further down the track.

    We don't care who OWNS the site ... its the people on the forums who MAKE the site what it is ...
  5. TH is a informative website and you can't make everyone happy. So if you can't understand then you have bigger issues in life.
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