What graphics card is best for editing video?

Okay so we all talk about rendering complicated 3D models and playing the newest games at high FPS. But what is the best generally available card for editing 2D video. Programs like Adobe Premiere (Elements) are hard on your system so do any cards offer performance enhancements for the youtuber's out there ?

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  1. LOLZ at tha DX2.... whhhhhaaaaa, the powarrrr!!

    Try a search as this has been answered be4.

    GPU makes FA difference, so onboard vid is fine.
    Spend $ on CPU, then ram, then hdd (raid)

    So get a quad core, 800+ ram 2x hdds in raid, water cool, and OC it to an inch of its life.
  2. Yeah my first overclock was a DX2-50 to 66....vvvrrrrrroooommmm.

    I'll double check the forums for other posts, but I guessed there was some contribution on the part of the graphics card when it comes to rendering the effects and transitions within editing software. It used to be that companies like Matrox said they had the best 2D solutions for PC's but I really wonder if there's that much too it any more.
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