Wireless USB adapter Model 5423 driver not detected in windows 7

I bought USRobotics.. wireless USB adapter but have problem with driver. I installed driver software but still not detect from system. waiting from rite solution. thanks
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  1. Hello,
    Check on the compatability of your wireless adapter with your computer. The 5423 uses 802.11 G, not N, so your laoptop or other wireless unit has to be configured for G to work. Also the included driver is for XP or earlier. If you have Vista, you have to download the Vista driver. Win-7 should also work with the Vista driver, but USR doesn't specifically say it is Win-7 compatable.
  2. http://www.usr.com/support/5423/5423-files/USR5423-v2.0.0.2.zip

    Driver and Configuration Utility Version for Windows Vista 32 bit and Vista 64 bit

    Download the USR5423-v2.0.0.2.zip file to a temporary location on your computer’s hard disk drive such as C:\Users\{USERNAME}\Downloads.
    Right-click the USR5423-v2.0.0.2.zip file.
    Click on Extract, and follow the instructions to extract the file.
    Double-click on Setup.exe from within the folder location you extracted USR5423-v2.0.0.2.zip into.
    Follow the on-screen instructions.

    Use the 32 or 64 bit driver for vista it will work in 7!
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