Win2K vs. Win98

I've got a question for all of the experts on Win2k Pro.
I'm wanting to move my home PC to Win2k Pro and have actually dual booted with Win98 for a while, but that's getting to be a real pain. The ONLY thing preventing me from going with Win2k right now is that I've got software for my kids that I'm having trouble running under Win2k.

The main problem is that the install programs keep telling me to free up disk space. However, with 50GB of HD space, this should NOT be a problem. Should I go with FAT32 instead of NTFS? I was hoping that this would resolve the space problem.

I'm able to run my stuff no problems.
Diablo II, Baldur's Gate, TOSC, BG II, Mechwarrior 3 & 4, Unreal Tournament, etc.

Also, I've got a home LAN, with the other 2 computers running Win98. I know that I can get those 2 computers to see my drives though because I've done it before.

Will NTFS affect my ability to do multi-player games on my home network? Hopefully not.

What do you experts think?
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  1. My opinion - NTFS all the way!!! And never look back!
    Have NEVER had a problem with NPFS, including quite a few systems runnin W2k since Feb 2000(the offical release date)

    All networked devices will also see everything just fine - No problem.

    Dual boot would be the only reason why one might keep FAT32 partitions accessable to Win2k. Even then its recomended to keep the Win2k system partition NTFS. NTFS is a superior file system in both preformance and reliability.
    Dual booting OS's might give ya a good reason to keep Fat32 partitions - but if your going away from bual boot there's no good reason not to go NTFS. Why not reap the benifits of NTFS's speed, space saving and relibility.

    CompSci - MCSD, MCP
  2. I understand when it comes to some games.
    Hmm... never ever heard of any NTFS5 Win2K problem...
  3. Maybe - But MicroSoft has a fix for it....

    Right after XP's Product Activation,
    and the release of MS Pay-per-Boot,
    then M$ Pay-per-Play will have a fixpack for the problem!!!

    Put another nickle in, to play your MS game again!

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  4. Oh, very good to know that.
    Thank you, CompSci.
    You brought good news for me. The fix, I mean.
  5. NTFS is much better than fat32

    however remember, if your still booting into win98 you wont be able to see or access NTFS formatted drives.

    the same applies to using win98 floppy boot disks in emergencies!

    on my system i have a 40gig drive and a 16.8
    the 40 is partitioned 2 ways, 6 & 34. for my system & games.
    both are NTFS
    the old 16.8 holds my large mp3 collection & utilities.
    it i have left as fat32, so in an emergency i can boot using win98 disks and access all my goodies (utilities)

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  6. ntfs is good and all, but if there is some damage to win2k that renders your OS unbootable (not that a microsoft product would EVER fail like that :), it will be difficult to recover things off of your drive.

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  7. Yes - absolutely!
    The repair procedure is different for NTFS.

    Instead of booting from a floppy, boot from the Win2K CD for repairs. It's Highly Recommended to Boot and Install from bootable CD-ROM, the only way to fly. (ALL OEM Win 2K CD's are Bootable - even most copies). Repairs are also just as easy that way...

    Although, I have never lost an NTFS system yet! (knock,knock)

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  8. LHGPooBaa: “<i><font color=green>…however remember, if your still booting into win98 you wont be able to see or access NTFS formatted drives.</i></font color=green>”

    Yes, if booting into Win98 on a machine with dual Win98/Win2000 boot.

    Lperryii: “<i><font color=blue>…Will NTFS affect my ability to do multi-player games on my home network? Hopefully not.</font color=blue></i>”

    On your home <b>network</b> from Win98 machines you can get access to NTFS partition on Win2000 machine and run multi-player games on all your networked computers simultaneously.
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