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Dear friends:
I want to install the compaq visual fortran 6.6 on the win 7 64 bit. but win 7 give me the error" it can not support this 32 bit program'l
Could you please tell me how to resolve this problem.
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  1. 1. Open Windows Explorer.
    2. Location the application executable.
    3. Right click the executable and click the Properties option.
    4. Select the Compatibility tab.
    5. Select the Run This Program in Compatibility Mode option.
    6. From the drop-down list, choose the operating system you ran before upgrading to Win7.
    7. If necessary, select the option to run the program as an administration.
    8. Click OK.
  2. I have also the same problem with Seven!

    Any suggestion ?

  3. thank you very much for your suggestion. I have tried but it still didnot work. i have to use the intel fortran.
  4. According to Steve Lionel of Intel, Compaq Visual Fortran will not run with Windows 7. He suggests migrating to Intel Fortran, which is new name for the same basic product from the same development team. It's expensive though. Personally I have tried the GNU Fortran compiler for 32-bit Windows 7. It works fine and it's free. The version I downloaded is invoked by the command line. Debuggers and other tools for it may be available, but I haven't tried them yet.
  5. The IDE of CVF 6.6 does not work in win7. However, its compiler df.exe still works. So you may work in the command line environment after the installation. notepad++ or other text editors may be helpful for you to construct your own IDE. In notepad++, with the command

    cmd /k cd "$(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)" & df "$(FILE_NAME)" & pause & exit

    one may get .exe file and one may run the file with:

    cmd /k cd "$(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)" & "$(NAME_PART)" & PAUSE & EXIT
  6. I have gotten CVF 6.6c (full ide) to work in win7, 32bit. Of course, you have to answer the installation questions Yes or Continue. At that point the dfdev.exe will load--if it doesn't see next sentence. I had a problem with it crashing when a .dsw is loaded but fixed that by invoking the win7 Troubleshoot Compability -- right click on the shortcut to dfdev.exe -- and finally (after much experimentation) selecting win98 compatibility. Yes. Even though a strange messagebox pops up when a dsw is loaded, modules compile, link, and run as before. No, I haven't actually done any debug/trace so far.

    If you have win7Pro or better and a compatible cpu and bios (with virtualization capabilities), you can download XP mode for win7. Although I haven't done this, it might enable running the IDE within the virtual machine. See

    The new Intel fortran is much better/newer, of course, and integrates beautifully into VS08, it doesn not have the source browser function of CVF6. That's a killer for large apps, so I keep both around.

    The other thing is that I had CVF6 running on Vista32 and upgraded it to Win7 and it continued to run as before, no problems, no error messages.
  7. Oh, sorry. If all the issues have to do with 64 bit versions of win7, I have no experience and was out of line.
  8. My install disk has a subfolder named X86 that includes an application named SetupX86 that I was able to launch on Win7 64 bit.
  9. In my laptop running Windows 7 x64bits I run setup.exe inside X86 folder from my Fortran installation disk, just as FrodoH wrote, and installation started without problems. After installation concluded, I run DFDEV.EXE's link with Windows 98 or Windows Me compatibility and the Developer Studio started without trouble. When I compiled a program an alerting message appeared warming me for an incompatibility known issue, but with the possibility to run compiler and remove that warning message for future similar actions.
    I run a test with a program which use IMSL libraries and it run fine. Good look
  10. Into a multi-core computer all cores are used When a Fortran program is running?
  11. korosh33 said:
    Into a multi-core computer all cores are used When a Fortran program is running?

    No it doesn't, only one core is used when you run a Fortran program made with Compaq Visual Fortran. To get an advantage of your multi-core processor you might do one of these two actions: a) write a program for parallel computation (some difficult if you don't know how to program parallel computing (See this link)), or b) use a compiler that could do the parallelism for you, such as new Intel Fortran for multi-core processors (I only have heard that it is possible, but I have not done any tests yet).
  12. To installed Compaq Visual Fortran on windows 7:
    1. open the subdirectory x86 on the fortran 6.5 cd
    2. run setup86.exe to install the program
    3. After instlation, right click on the developer studio file and select properties
    4. Select the compatibility tap
    5. Check the run this program in compatibility mode for option
    6. Select windows xp (service pack 3)
    7. Check the option, run this program as adminstrator
    8. Click ok
    9. Run the developer studio
  13. FrodoH said:
    My install disk has a subfolder named X86 that includes an application named SetupX86 that I was able to launch on Win7 64 bit.

    Frodo, you're just great. Found the x86, run and the setup run fine!!!
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