What happened to Second Take with Ben Meyer and Rob Wright

What happened to the videos?

I used to enjoy the Second Take vids with Ben Meyer. Are they going to start up again?
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  1. I just found out - Tom's Games is just some ad site now with flash games. Here's an article from Rob saying goodbye!

  2. I missed the goodbye thread.

    Yes it was a great feature ... management were fools to let them go.

    I'd have caged them and run 24hr footage and gotten users to pay for the priviledge.

    They made some good stuff, and were not conceited like those retarded reviewers (A & R) that I can't mention by name because the mods delete my posts.

    RIP Ben and Rob !!!
  3. First TH site appears to have been ruined and now Ben and Rob had left!!! 2009 is not off to a good start!

    Ben / Rob, I do hope you’re starting up a new site???
  4. You can find Rob on Steam... that's all I know...
  5. Found them - check here to hear them again.

  6. Nice find!
  7. LMAO .... now if we can only get them to do games again. I wonder if there are some legal hurdles (severance issues and no compete)
  8. No doubt, we miss both Ben and Rob. Ben and I had a great time recording Tom's Talkback, to be sure.
  9. Your last article with explanations on the anomalies for the benchies was excellent.

    Ben and Rob would have given that one the thumbs up too !!
  10. I miss them as well. It was such a great format for a games discussion, and both Ben and Rob are great hosts. There's nothing else like it out there.

    I really hope we get to see "Second Take" in one form or another, one day, again.
  11. I agree. Second Take was great, I always loved taking some time to slack off during work and watch their episodes. They were usually spot on. THG has really gone down hill lately - I'm very disappointed with the direction the site is taking.
  12. Sorry to hear, but if you have some constructive feedback, we're all ears over here!
  13. Give Chris some good ideas for an article instead eh iii ??

    Then you have done something positive for the site ... maybe with your 26th post too !!
  14. Let's see... 3756th post... productivity?
  15. So you have no excuses sister ...
  16. No, I don't not after the time I *tried* to sing "Viva la Vida" in the shower.
  17. Oh dear...
  18. cangelini said:
    Sorry to hear, but if you have some constructive feedback, we're all ears over here!

    hmm how about bringing back second take with all our favorite characters :bounce:
  19. Lets face facts Chris, most people interested in high end hardware are using that hardware to *GASP* play games.

    Restore game coverage. Please.
  20. I just got to wondering this my self. Well that SUCKS....I was just watching more crysis jackassery and remembered....hey where did those 2 go to.....
  21. Is there a way to find any links to videos that might be stored at http://www.archive.org (wayback machine)?
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