7900GTO worth $300?

I'm trying to build a new computer and saw that I can get the GTO still on ebay for $300 shipped. With my budget I can't get anything more expensive without cutting back really, so I'll save that for another thread.

Question: Is the 7900GTO worth $300 now considering what has been released? Where will the value of the GTO stand in say 2 months?

Joe Z
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  1. I wouldn't. New, they used to sell for 250-300. 250 would be the max I would personally pay for one. I'm not sure about the specs, but is it Evga? If so, has the seller registered it and can you use it to step up? How about the warranty on the card? The major downside to buying used is do you trust the seller? Most likely, you're going to want to clock it up to GTX speeds and then you might need to RMA it after burning out the card. :)

    Cleeve recommends the X1950XT for that price range if you're willing to go ATI. It should perform slightly better than the X1900XT.
  2. Is it worth it?

    Not with the X1950 XT being $260 at newegg, it isn't.
    The 7900 GTO is a good card, but the X1950 XT will beat it without too much fuss.
  3. So with the 8800 coming out ATI is going to reduce prices to keep in the market, right? So will they go down further in the next few weeks, or would ordering now be fine?
  4. No sh*t! Sweet. I could of sworn I did a search for this card yesterday and it wasn't there. Where the hell are the reviews?

    I agree with Cleeve the 7900GTO isn't worth it. You can get a 7900GTX at zipzoomfly for $299 after MIR.

    Since I haven't seen any reviews (yet) for the X1950XT, I can't say anything on it's price / performance but I can guess that it's pretty good. Since you're willing to spend $300 on a video card, I'd either get the X1950XT or 7900GTX depending on what games you play.
  5. Prices always go down.

    Will the 8800 affect pricing?

    IMHO - not until the 8800 GTS hits $450 or below will it put pressure on them to lower the X1950 XTX... and even then, the X1950 XT won't really be affected because it's $260 price point is far away from $400.

    But no one can be sure when they're fortune telling.
  6. Now that the 8800 is out, I'm not so sure.
  7. I am going to be running a 24" monitor with this card (1920x1200). Is 256mb enough?
  8. Yes, 256MB will be enough. If you take a look at the X1900XT's with 256MB & 512MB, you will see just a marginal improvement in the 512MB version.

    It's more about the GPU and how fast is the memory. I'll bet the X1950XT will give the X1900XTX with 512MB a run for it's money.
  9. It should be fine with *most* things. There are specifically a few games that need more than 256M because the textures are too big on the ultra-high-super-duper quality setting. But, at 1900 res, it's unlikely you want to turn up the settings that high with a <$300 card.
  10. I will let you have my EVGA GTO for $250 shipped.

    Just got the 8800 GTX, and will have it arrive Wed next week.

    It clocks to within 20 of the GTX, and has the lifetime warranty. Never registered, about 30 days old, and all the original packaging.

    I got it to use the step up program and sold my x1900xt. The GTO is quieter, and much less heat, and runs my dell 24" quite well.

    PM me if you are interested.

    heat, ebay, and beer under leanneshusband.
  11. What about a 7950GT with 512mb Ram? I see that they are around $300, not much more. How would they compair?
  12. 7950 GT is much slower than the GTO.

    Gives you all you need to know-


  13. 7950GT is garbage. Just another con to get people to buy their product.
  14. Once you set your price range it would be easier to decide on a card.

    Personally, I would go with a Sapphire X1950 Pro on newegg for $200. It's cheaper and outperforms the 7900GTO in almost every benchmark.
  15. Quote:
    Is it worth it?

    Not with the X1950 XT being $260 at newegg, it isn't.
    The 7900 GTO is a good card, but the X1950 XT will beat it without too much fuss.

    Yeah, I totally agree.
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