DEATH wet11 pleasee

hi, how to reflash wet11 v1 ? he is complet death ,,, please help me
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  1. Please provide a lot more details.
  2. Dat not nuf 4 u?! FIX PWOBWUM! YOU FIX NOW!
  3. Ok, enough being funny.

    Go to the website of whatever manufacturer made your product and look for downloads. Search for your model and if they provide BIOS updates then they should include a flash utility that will complete the entire process for you. How expensive is the product? BUY A NEW ONE!
  4. WET11 sounds to be the linksys product. if you are able to ping it, try flashing firmware using the tftp software available for download...

    you will get the firmware
    <A HREF=" "><B> Here</B></A>
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