S3 and problem with raid 0 setup

I have two of the same hard disks (250GB each) for running at raid 0; however, I was trying to install XP w/SP2 onto the array.

It shows in ctrl-g that the 2 drives are in raid format with 500GB combined.

However, after doing the F6 installation of the raid driver, Windows does not recognize the 500GB that I suppose to have. Instead, it shows only 230GB.

I used the updated driver from Giga's site, and chose the 363 driver in the F6 procedure.

Please let me know what did I do wrong and what should I do to make Windows recongize my 500GB?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I dont run RAID but isnt the whole point of that particular configuration to have two identical drives so that access can be made off of either? Therefore effectively you are actually only running 250GB.
  2. Hmm, are you having a seperate RAID controller? Coz the S3 I had didn't support RAID ... might be a DS3 model ?
  3. Are you sure that you're using raid 0 as opposed to raid 1?
    232GB is the formatted capacity of a 250GB disk...
  4. Yes, I am sure I was setup at raid 0 (stripe). I exchanged for an Asus and it works perfectly without any problem.

    Now my friend just bought one and he has the same compoents as I have (because we are trying to save some S&H by purchasing 2 at the same time for every part). He also has the same problem as I do. 1 thing is different than mine is that he has a different hard disks (2) than my 2, but it does not matter as his s3 also does not work under raid 0.

    We are very curiously why we do not see other people have the same problems as we do, or maybe we did something wrong during the setup.

    If anyone can help, we appreaciate it.
  5. I thought I mentioned the S3 does not support RAID, only the DS3 and higher model supports them ...
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