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No DVD sound

I have had absolutely no issues with audio whatsoever. I'm using the on-board sound of the UD3R board.
The system in my signature has been used exclusively for gaming and mp3/CD audio playback until yesterday.

Yesterday, I put a DVD in the system to play a movie for the first time on this system and only got a video signal. I kept messing with the volume level in windows and kept hearing the confirmation beep at the new volume, all the while the DVD played in the background with video and no audio.

So, I took the DVD out (it's new) and stuck it in my laptop and it played with audio and video as expected. So, I've confirmed the DVD has video and audio, but on the machine in my signature, I currently only get video playback. I'm thinking it's either some setting in Windows 7 or a driver issue.

Any clues?

Thanks in advance.
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    Play in this player,if you have sound then you know it's a problem with the other software!
  2. I'm using windows media player. This works on my other PCs. I'll try this other software though.
  3. Ok give me an upate later!
  4. Get this... I installed the player, then the DVD began playing just fine in Windows media player. Maybe I was missing a Codec that installed with the videolan player?

    Anyhow, the videolan player was choppy so I uninstalled it and everything is working in windows media player just fine now. Strange, huh?
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    Yes that's what it was !
    Cool glad to hear!
  6. Thanks.
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  8. Your welcome !
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