PC fails to boot when USB keyboard/mouse plugged

This is an update to the problem I posted about a week ago. Finally figured out what was screwing with my system, just have no idea how to fix it. Any help'd be most appreciated :)

As long as I plug in the USB keyboard/mouse 1-2 seconds after turning on the power, the system's fine. However, if I turn the power on or reboot with either of the USB devices plugged in, the system fails to boot just as the Award BIOS, press DEL or F12 screen shows up. Tried plugging 'em into the rear and front panels, no luck. BIOS and drivers are up to date and the USB ports are all enabled. Goggled without much luck.

The mouse came with a PS2/USB converter thingie and works fine when I use that. Comfort key didn't come with one, so I'm using a PS2 keyboard for now.

Both devices work without any issues on my laptop. Also works on the new PC so long as I plug 'em in later.

Trying to look for a solution that doesn't involve coughing up more money. It's a minor issue, but still bothers me quite a bit, so I'd really appreciate any help :)

Oh, and here are the specs...
Video: 7600GT
PSU: 410W Seasonic (came with the case)
Motherboard: ECS P965T-A(1.0), BIOS 11/02/06
OS: WinXP SP2 (so the SP1 USB update doesn't work)
Keyboard: Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000
Mouse: Microsoft Intellimouse (been using for 6-7 years 8O)
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  1. Think it may be the USB legacy support option in the BIOS. Try disabling that. You wont be able to use your keyboard though until windows boots, otherwise try switching to a PS2 keyboard.
  2. Thanks, but BIOS doesn't have a legacy support option, so can't try it unfortunately. Using a PS2 keyboard whenever I need to do anything that requires rebooting.

    Scanning the forums though, I'm kinda glad this is the only problem I'm having :)
  3. Get another "ps2/usb adapter thingy" for your spanky new keyboard, use the good old reliable ps2 port, and be done with your buggy usb controller.
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