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iv been looking for about two days now for a good windows proxy cache server and sofar iv had no luck with any decent ones, can anyone tell me whats a good proxy cache server (or do a quick search and see what you can come up with) cause im runnin out of ideas, so if you have any spare time can you take a quick look for a proxy cache server? or if you already know/use a good one tell me bout it.

Any help here would be good.
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    I haven't personally tried anything but saw this site recently when trying to find DHCP server software

    If there's nothing there then MAYBE the Web Servers or server utilities section might have something

    Hope this helps
  2. oh yeah, specifically, cproxy and ccproxy look like they can cache (description says so) but ccproxy simply looks like it's a newer version of cproxy

    Again, hope this helps

    edit: those mentioned programs are shareware

  3. yeah i found another heap of em at aswell - thank for the help (theres a few more im yet to check out).
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