CPU and Case fans keeps running after shutdown

I am trying to put a new computer together using a GA-M55plus MOBO.
Everything went fine until I did a shutdown from fresh install of XP. The computer shut down but the cpu fan (connected to the MOBO) and case fans (connect via a HDD 12/5 volt lead) kept spinning. I can't find anything on Gigabyte website and it still happens.
I can stop them by switching off the PSU or holding the on/off switch in for 4 secs.
Also if I don't use XP to shut down but just press the on/off switch in for 4 sec the computer and the fans shut down like they should.
Have googled, updated bios and no joy.
Any ideas appreciated.
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  1. Do the fans spin for an extended period of time or indefinitely? They have pieces of hardware that make it so your fans continue to cool after system shut down, to avoid excessive heat buildup. Perhaps they implemented that into your mobo? Check your bios for settings. Also, try turning your PWR switch pin connection around. The button turns it off...so it sounds fishy, just something to try. Your "fresh install" sounds like it could be an overwrite of the old windows. Are you sure you whiped the drive (repartitioned)?
  2. The fans spin indefiitly unless stopped as I outlined.
    The Xp was installed on brand new WD sata2 hd . Yes I did try changing the pwr switch pins and even tried the reset switch.
    There seems to be a few of this type of fault reported but no fixes.
    thanks for your time bussoguy
  3. So the motherboard worked fine before with other hard drives? It sounds like a faulty mobo. I'd call the manufacturer.
  4. The Mobo is brand new, as is the sata drives.
    Have had contact with seller and they have agreed to take the mobo back.
    thanks for your time
  5. Sorry I couldn't have been of more help. :-\ Better luck with your mobo's next time. You just never know what causes a mobo to go bad. It's usually a bad component somewhere on the board that's put there during manufacturing and never caught or that goes bad after they test, but it could be static as you build, regardless of how careful anyone is, it's just so easy to ruin a mobo. Even a PSU can emit a weird flux. Anyway, good luck with the RMA...RMA's always blow.
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