Analog output is history on SATA optical drives?

So, I've been shopping for parts for a new system and decided it's time to kiss PATA completely goodbye. Right now the choices for SATA CD/DVD burners seems to be Plextor and Plextor. Not that I mind the brand...

Then I'm looking at the specs and features and suddenly realize, HEY there's no more analog audio output!

Alright, should I care?

I'm just suspicious of the DRM trends, and analog is always a handy way out...

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  1. Lite-On has a SATA combo drive, though you did say DVD burner..

    I wouldn't worry about the audio out. When's the last time anyone used that? In PATA drives that data was sent down the IDE cable anyway.. no need to connec the audio out.

    Also, if you're going pure SATA, you might consider getting a modular PSU so you don't have a bunch of empty 4-pin molex connectors cluttering your case.
  2. Actually I meant combo. I'm actually not sure why anyone would want a drive that could not to CDs! Strange. Thanks for the pointer to that Lite-On drive. Funny that's it doesn't appear on their web site. At least not the America site. Didn't check .tw!

    Yup, already thought about the modular approach just to keep things neater in general. The funn, er, annoying thing is that the PSU I was really interested in for my build - the Enermax Liberty 620AWT - puts both types of connectors on the cable! Argh. My second choice is the Thermaltake Toughpower W0128RU ($130 @ NewEgg AR, woohoo), whose cabling seems to be a slightly different compromise. Also claims to have four 12V rails but that's most likely "virtual" rail marketing gimmickry.
  3. Quote:
    Combo drive = DVD-ROM + CD-RW
    DVD Burner = DVD-RW + CD-RW
    The Light-On is a combo drive, thus can only play, not burn, DVDs. That might be enough for you to forget it.

    Thanks for the clarification. The terminology is so uselessly vague!

    Good catch.

    I knew $30 was too cheap anyway!

  4. I've got the Plextor PX-755SA & it works great. No analog audio out it's all through the SATA connector. One thing to watch out for, is don't install any 3rd party IDE drivers for your mobo, it causes a problem & the drive won't burn anything. I had the NVidia storage drivers installed & couldn't get anything to burn, had to go through Plextor's support to figure it out after hrs of trouble shooting. Don't ask me why an IDE driver would effect a SATA drive but it does, I uninstalled them more to humor the support people and lo & behold it worked right away. Very strange issue but just a heads up
  5. You don't need analog out for a "way out". If you turn off system sounds, and use audio grabber, just play your DRM (POS) song, and record it that way. Whatever goes through your speakers, gets recorded. Not that I've done any of this mind you....
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